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Detailed Specs and Prices of Latest Blu Phones. Everything you need to know about Blu: Specs, Prices, and Phone Stores Where to Buy them.

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Blu G70

Blu G70 Specs and Price

The Blu G70 is a new and budget smartphone from the American company. The smartphone features a beautiful body and also comes with other...
BLU Vivo One Plus

Blu Vivo One Plus (2019) Specs and Price

One of BLU's speciality is making am entry-level smartphone look premium albeit not feel premium in the hand. Introducing the Blu Vivo One Plus (2019)...
BLU VivobGo

Blu Vivo Go Specs and Price

Entry-level smartphones are now of two types, the Android Go ones and the ones without the Go tag on its OS. Already carrying the...
BLU Vivo XL4

BLU Vivo XL4 Specs and Price

If there’s one thing the OEM from the United States – BLU – is notable for, it’s the production of budget phones. The BLU...
Blu Studio View XL

Blu Studio View XL Specs and Price

It is funny how Blu names a smartphone series after another series of Wiko's smartphone. The Blu Studio View XL is a low budget...
Blu S1

Blu S1 Specs and Price

The Blu S1 comes has one of Blu's latter smartphones which deviated from the basic low budget smartphones s we are used to from the...
Blu Vivo 8

Blu Vivo 8 Specs and Price

Besides the low budget smartphone Blu is popular for, they also offer a line of mid-range smartphone. The Vivo-series of smartphones is one Blu's...
Blu Pure XR

Blu Pure XR Specs and Price

Lately, there have been a noticeable rise in the number of smartphone companies especially in the low to mid-range category. Blu is an American...
Blu Vivo XL2

Blu Vivo XL2 Specs and Price

This is probably the most good looking smartphone from Blu so far. Besides the nice design, Blu Vivo XL2 also features an impressive hardware...
Blu Vivo 8L

Blu Vivo 8L Specs and Price

This is a downgrade of the previously released Blu Vivo 8 smartphone except for the selfie camera. Although the former still costs more than...