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Booking.com - Great Prices, No Booking Fees

Booking.com – Great Prices, No Booking Fees

Are you planning a vacation or business trip and looking for the best deals? Look no further than Booking.com! With great prices and no booking fees, you won’t have to break the bank to get great accommodations. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using Booking.com to book your next trip. It is more than just a great place to find accommodation. They also offer car rentals, experiences, activities, and more. So, when you’re planning your next trip, make sure to check out Booking.com for some amazing deals. About Booking.com Booking.com is a popular website where travelers can book hotels,...
ORide Bike Hailing Service

ORide – Bike Hailing Service

ORide is a bike hailing service. The service is available in Lagos and Ibadan, though with the recent partial ban of motocycles in Lagos, you may not be able to access the service in some areas of Nigeria's most popular city. ORide another brand in the O universe of Opera and OPay. We are not sure what it means Opera Ride or OPay Ride. The app enables users of the payment app called OPay (which is an African- focused mobile app started by the Opera browser company, after raising 50 million dollars in funding), to order bike rides to their...

How Does One Determine The Price For A Limo?

Using a limousine on a special occasion is luxurious and may make you feel comfortable as well as important. It can even be convenient if you will be attending a special business event or meeting and you would rather have a driver take you from point A to point B. Of course, many companies offer top-notch limousine packages that are convenient and easy to reserve. They can include airport transfers, school formals, business functions, and wedding car services. Each package is priced differently depending on a wide range of factors. In this article, we look at how you can determine the...
Timeshare Companies When Accepting Payments

5 Tips for Travel and Timeshare Companies When Accepting Payments

According to GTP Headlines, one of the largest global industries in 2018, “the Travel and Tourism industry contributed $8.8 Trillion to the global economy”. Nonetheless, the travel industry is considered a high-risk industry. The risk climbs even higher for those who are in the timeshare business. Timeshare companies offer a product that facilitates economical vacation options for clients. In era where traveling is considered as a therapy to shackle away personal as well as the professional hindrance, timeshare companies have a huge scope to grow. But managers of timeshare companies need to ensure that the core goal of their business,...
A Limo For New Year’s Eve

5 Tips To Renting A Limo For New Year’s Eve

Do you want to celebrate New Year's Eve in style? Then why not opt for a limo. A limo will pick you up, take you wherever you want and take you back. There is no need to stress about the traffic, reading maps, parking and having a designated driver. It is even better if you are in a group. You will arrive together instead of separately in different vehicles. Besides, you will get to your destination in style and luxury. Here are helpful tips for renting a limo for New Year’s Eve. 1. Book Early On New Year’s Eve, everybody is in a celebratory...
Credit Cards and ATM for Travelers in Morocco

Credit Cards and ATM for Travelers in Morocco

Morocco? Yes, it is famous as an inexpensive holiday destination in the world. But you need money to be any part of the earth, So in Morocco. When I was on holidays in Morocco, I didn’t face any problem regarding money and cash because I knew everything before reaching there. But what I found there were the tourists worried and confused about how to tackle with the credit cards and ATM issue there. The questions you might have in your mind that what is the currency of Morocco, what makes your local ATM card works in ATM machines of Morocco. Here...
Airport Parking Service

Save while using Parkos for Parking Services at JFK Airport

JFK airport is one of the busiest airports in New York City, and the process of finding the right parking spot within the busy airport can be problematic, especially if you are new to the idea. Your holiday or business trip can be unenjoyably and expensive if you have to spend lots of cash paying for parking services. There are numerous parking lots at the JFK airport all offering different parking rates and services and therefore choosing the right JFK airport parking is a big challenge. However, using the modern technology, a new service has been introduced in some of the airport...
Voomsway Uses Technology to Unify All the Players in the Transportation Industry

Voomsway Uses Technology to Unify All the Players in the Transportation...

Voomsway, a company that exclusively seeks to manage local inter-state travels in Nigeria, by bringing all the players of the transportation industry into one platform is finally launching her robust and very interactive online trip management application. The  Company uses technology to make numerous options available to the customers in selecting a transport company for a trip.  A viable platform for new and existing transport companies to offer their services to online users. Giving users information on selected transport Companies as regards available vehicles for each day, details of onboard services, terminals to the board, seating positions available, time of departure,...
Jumia Travel Banner

Jumia Travel Online Hotel Booking

Jumia Travel (previously Jovago) is a great place to book hotel stay when traveling. It is an online platform that solves one of the most critical challenges of traveling: booking accommodation. You don't have to wait until you are at your destination before looking for a hotel, you can book your hotel stay days or even weeks ahead of your travel date. Making Travel Easy Before the advent of hotel booking websites like Jumia Travel, people had to actually wait until they were at their destination before looking for a hotel. Then you had to rely on recommendations from taxi drivers...
Air Peace Booking Anniversary Image

Air Peace Booking – Online Flight Booking from Peace Airline

Air Peace Booking website is as good as the competition with flight booking and online check-in. Air Peace Airline is one of the youngest airline (if not the youngest) in Nigeria, but has grown in popularity in the past few months with its affordable flights and good customer service. Want to Book Cheap Flights Online? Click Here Air Peace offers intending passengers a website where they can conveniently book flights online. The Air Peace Booking website allows you book your airline ticket online. If you are a hand-luggage passenger, you can also check-in online. Air Peace began operation in Nigeria in 2014 and...