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Hyundai Elantra Interior

Tired of Cabin Noise in your Car? Then Read This

Your Car, your sanctuary: Unless and until you are someone who drives a Rolls Royce or a Bentley, then it goes without saying that cabin...
Android Auto Head Unit

Choosing an Android Auto Head Unit: Essential Considerations

An Android auto head unit is one of the best ways to update the form and function of your car without punching holes in...
Why People Hate Driving and The Best Ways to Love It

Why People Hate Driving and the Best Ways to Love It

I am sure that many of you would agree with me that driving is a love-hate relationship. I love most of it, but at...
Use Car Dashboard Camera

Why you should Use Car Dashboard Camera (Smart Tech for your...

A dash cam is popularly called car dash camera or sometimes an onboard camera. As the name suggests the dash camera is a brilliantly...
First Aid Kit for Car Emergency Kit

15 Items you should Include in your Car Emergency Kit

You An emergency kit is something that most people overlook. Not until they are faced with a breakdown and they have an empty trunk....
Portable Jump Starter Kit - Car Gadgets

Ten Car Gadgets that will improve your Driving Experience

Driving is fun, but sometimes the experience may get stressful and even dangerous, more especially when you get stranded in the middle of nowhere...
Driving under alcohol influence. Drunk driver with beer bottle in car.

Ignition Interlock Installation – A New Drunk and Driving Sleuth

A drunk driver may get least concerned about a suspended license. Until caught, you can drive around with a hazy head and sour tongue....
Car Wheels

Everything You Need To Know About Car Wheels

Have you bought a new car or planning to have one? People often have the craze of customized accessories. Be it the rear view cameras...
Best Car Window Tint

Choosing the Best Car Window Tint Company: Key Points to consider

It has been so many days that your wife has been asking you to tint the car window. It’s high time you should get...

Samsung Connect Auto Specs & Price

Samsung Connect Auto is a small device that is designed to bring your car into the Internet of Things ecosystem by enabling it to...