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Use Car Dashboard Camera

Why you should Use Car Dashboard Camera (Smart Tech for your...

A dash cam is popularly called car dash camera or sometimes an onboard camera. As the name suggests the dash camera is a brilliantly designed device that seamlessly records everything through the car's windscreen. You can also attach the car dash camera inside the interiors of the car’s windscreen or it can be gracefully mounted on the top of the dashboard. It can be mounted with the help of suction cup or a well performing adhesive tape. A rear view mirror cam is an effective device which can be easily mounted on any kind of vehicles like car, jeep, van or...
Dash Cam mounted on a Vehicle

Tips to Choose the Best Dash Cam in 2018

A dash cam is a digital video camera that is intended to capture live videos while you drive. The camera is mounted on the dashboard. They start recording the driver's journey once the vehicle is turned on and set in motion. Dash cam footages can be used as supportive evidence in legal proceedings in courts or by insurance companies in case of an accident. A basic dash cam should be able to indicate the speed the vehicle was moving at, the direction, and show that was at fault during an accident. However, there is no guarantee that a dash cam...