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Remote Proctoring

What is Remote Proctoring?

An online exam or assessment can be invigilated or monitored using a technique called remote proctoring, in which the test-taker is watched over from a distance using video or audio technology. Using webcams, microphones, and screen-sharing technologies, enables a proctor or invigilator to keep an eye on and observe the test-taker in real-time to make sure they are not cheating and are according to the exam's norms and procedures. With more tests and exams being taken online, remote proctoring is growing in popularity. It offers a convenient and safe alternative to overseeing and supervising exams online without the need for in-person...
Tribearc Academy

TRIBEARC Launches Tribearc Academy: Nigeria’s First Private Secondary School with Tech/Digital...

A few months after the flagging off Tribearc.com, an online based business suite equipped with a leaning management system, page builder, email auto responder etc, to help small businesses simplify their everyday work tasks, they are at it again with Tribearc Academy, another first in Nigeria. Tribearc Academy, a cutting-edge secondary school, has officially opened its doors, offering students a unique and comprehensive education centered on technology and digital skills As one of Nigeria's first school to prioritize technology and digital skills, Tribearc Academy is dedicated to preparing students for the demands of the 21st-century job market. The curriculum integrates core...
Best Blockchains for Development besides Ethereum

Bitcoin Blockchain Providing Advantages to the Education Sector

Bitcoin is handling the education system with the craze by giving the allotment of blockchain technology that assists various other sectors in developing with exceptional advantage. The change in education due to the instalment of blockchain technology has allowed them to utilize the features. The growing consistency of the blockchain in adopting the platform that is digitalized and decentral control. It has them rectify their information quickly as the details are stored with authentication. The traders have a better platform from where you can read more about bitcoin. The scope of blockchain for the education sector depends upon the division...
advancement in E-School learning options

The Best 1000 Word Essay Writing Guide: Features, Pros, and Cons

For most students, writing a 1000 word essay sounds like an impossible task. But it's not as difficult as it seems. In this article, I will give you all the information that you need to know about writing a 1000-word essay so that you can be one of those who succeed! You can highlight additional information on writing quality essays from the writing subreddits, and get inspired with us. What is a 1000 Word Essay? A 1000-word essay is a short piece of writing within the range of 1000 words. It is a type of academic writing that is written to evaluate...
AV Systems for Schools

Essential AV Systems for Schools

Audio and visual systems are needed in all kinds of organizations and schools aren't left out. With the right equipment, your school will be able to function effectively and meet the needs of modern-day students. AV systems can be installed in different areas in your school including classrooms, cafeterias, auditoriums, sports centers, and more. Here are some vital AV solutions for your school: 1. Live Streaming This technology is vital for classrooms today. With live streaming and video conferencing systems, students and educators will be able to communicate seamlessly. This can be done via pre-recorded lessons, video calls, and screen sharing. So, students...

Online Degree Validation: Confirm University Results

Degree Validate is a service that provides organisations that require fast and convenient way of verifying degree results from Nigerian University/Polytechnic with a platform to do just that. Degree Validate is an online result verification service from a security services company, Risk Control Services Nigeria Limited. Degree Validate will help organisations to combat the incidence of Certificate forgery. Risk Control Nigeria Ltd has a database of over two million records of degree results from Nigerian universities and polytechnics. Information that can be confirmed with Degree Validate includes course of study, qualification, grade, year of graduation and so no. Degree Validate is...