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ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3S

ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3S Specs and Price

The ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3S is an upgrade to the Nubia Red Magic 3 offering loads of feature upgrades for an improved mobile gaming performance. ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3S comes with powerful processor and graphics as well as an advanced cooling system which makes it a high...
phone for gaming 2019

Best Android Phones for Gaming 2020

Smartphone gaming is becoming a growing trend nowadays. Earlier, the gaming hardware manufacturing companies were focusing only on the PC related requirements. But, over time, game manufacturing companies were able to generate the game titles, which are in no way less than the hit PC titles in terms of...
DOOGEE S70 Gaming Rugged Phone

DOOGEE S70 With Gamepad, the World’s First Coolest Rugged Gaming Phone

A special rugged phone, DOOGEE S70, has caught people’s attention and aroused strong curiosity these days. Why is it special? The product orientation contributes: DOOGEE S70 is not just an upgraded rugged phone, it's also a gaming smartphone! This device should be the first combination of game phone and rugged...