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HomTom S12 Specs and Price

The Homtom S12 is a budget smartphone that has the trendy 18:9 aspect ratio as well as a nice crafty design. As far as design is concerned, there is a minimal compromise to cut price same for other smartphones in the category. The smartphone is a cheap one which...
Homtom S17

HomTom S17 Specs and Price

Low budget smartphones are becoming more sophisticated and that is because OEMs like Homtom are putting in extra effort. The Homtom S17 comes with a nice design and decent specs even for an entry-level smartphone. Going further, the smartphone has about the decent specs that you can need from...
Homtom H10

HomTom H10 Specs and Price

Homtom is a Chinese OEM that is active in the midrange to low-budget scene but not quite popular yet. The Homtom H10 is a mid-ranger, albeit a bottom shelf one with a notch and carries average specs. It tries to infuse the latest features into the smartphone as you...
Homtom S99

Homtom S99 Specs and Price

The smartphone under review is all about the battery capacity and while this not a new category of smartphones. It is not every day you see a smartphone with an enormous 6, 200mAh battery. The smartphone that I'm talking about is the Homtom S99 and it carries a decent spec sheet...
Homtom HT70

Homtom HT70 Specs and Price

Only a select few smartphones have nearly or up to what Homtom's new device carry. Besides the mid-range features on the smartphone, the Homtom HT70 has a massive 10, 000mAh battery capacity.  The new smartphone is quite a look to behold and is the new inclusion to the HT-series....
Homtom Zoji Z8 Smartphone

Homtom Zoji Z8 Specs and Price

Most rugged smartphones focuses on the durability than any other thing but the new Homtom Zoji Z8 merges durability with a decent spec sheet. The smartphone does not only feature a well built long lasting body but also has a fairly hardware to go along with it. You do...
Homtom Zoji Z7

Homtom Zoji Z7 Specs and Price

This is an upgrade to the Homtom Zoji Z6 and comes with an improved design and  advanced specs sheet. The Homtom Zoji Z7 has a more improved hardware and a larger screen. Like its predecessor it has both dust and water resistance alongside the durability the Zoji series of smartphones...
Homtom Zoji Z6

Homtom Zoji Z6 Specs and Price

The Zoji series of smartphone is a line of rugged durable smartphones from Homtom which brings us to today's smartphone review, Homtom Zoji Z6. The smartphone main attraction is the fact that it is both water and dust proof (IP68 certification).  Thus it comes in handy when your work...
Homtom HT37

Homtom HT37 Specs and Price

It happens sometimes that we just want a smartphone that does not cost much but still offers a number of features and handles basic tasks with ease. Then the Homtom HT37 smartphone should be one of the mobile phones on your radar, with features like fingerprint sensor, 4G LTE...
Homtom HT50 Smartphone

Homtom HT50 Specs and Price

Its not everyday you see a low price smartphone with a large battery from Chinese OEMs, which is why the Homtom HT50 is one of a kind.  The smartphone has a decent spec sheet with features like 4G LTE, fingerprint scanner and so on. There is no issue like...