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iLife A9

iLife A9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Price, Specs and Best Deals

iLife A9 robot vacuum has 600ml cellular dustbin, 4 different cleaning modes with with two different main brushes for effective cleaning. This vacuum also features the new CV-SLAM algorithm, a built-in gyro, an upgraded Gen 2.0 Panoview technology to professionally guide it to navigate the rooms systematically while cleaning. Where...
iLife V5s Pro

iLife V5s Pro Vacuum Price, Specs and Best Deals

iLife V5s Pro is a 2-in-1 robot vacuum with powerful suction to pick up the hair, dust, and debris easily. It comes with the i-dropping technology an automatic water control to stop dispensing when robot stop mopping to prevent mechanical overload and floor damage. This vacuum has a unique,...
iLife V8s

iLife V8s Robot Vacuum Cleaner Price, Specs and Best Deals

iLife V8s is a 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop cleaner equipped with an interchangeable 750ml dustbin and 300ml water tank. It has a unique suction structure to ensures that pet hair and dirt go into the dustbin easily. This vacuum cleaner also comes with a smart Gyro Navigation sensor, coupled...
iLife V7s Plus

iLife V7s Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Price, Specs and Best Deals

iLife V7s Plus is a smart robotic vacuum cleaner with Sweeping and mopping feature to offer adequate cleaning. It is built with i-Dropping technology that makes sure water drips gradually to ensure a homogeneous damping of the microfiber mop in the process of mopping. Where to Buy iLife V7s Plus Robot...
iLife V3s Pro

iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Price, Specs and Best Deals

iLife V3s Pro is a robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with powerful suction and AirAway technology, so it can easily pick up dirt, dust, hair and fur without tangling. This vacuum also comes with an anti-bump and anti-fall smart sensors to help it navigate and clean without obstacles. It also...
iLife V8 Plus

iLife V8 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner Price, Specs and Best Deals

iLife V8 Plus is a budget robot vacuum with Smart 2-in-1 dry and wet cleaning function. The large 0.75L dustbin makes the vacuum best suitable for large home cleaning and the 300 ml tank with the i-Dropping smart mopping system ensures water volume are been controlled. This vacuum also...
iLife A4S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Accessories

iLife A4S Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Specs & Price

iLife A4S is a 2017 upgrade to the iLife A4 robotic vacuum cleaner. It is the same size and weight as its predecessor, but comes with hardware and software refinement to make it a more efficient cleaning machine. iLife A4S offers the same rotating v-shaped bristle brush that was...
iLife X5 Featured

iLife X5 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Specs & Price

iLife X5 is another smart robotic vacuum cleaner from iLife owned by Chuwi. The vacuum cleaner can clean both wet and dry surfaces. iLife X5 offers two suction power levels depending on your cleaning needs. The cleaner is also relatively quiet at less than 40dB. Where to Buy iLife X5 Jumia...
iLife V7s

iLife V7s or V7 Pro Robotic Vacuum Specs & Price

iLife V7s (a.k.a. iLife V7 Pro) is the most recent robotic vacuum cleaner from Chuwi. It features one of the biggest dirt-bin and water tank of all of iLife robotic vacuum lineup. The Chuwi V7s features dry vacuuming and like the iLife V5 Pro also adds dry mopping and...
iLife V5 Pro from below

iLife V5, V5s and V5 Pro Vacuum Cleaner Specs & Price

The iLife V5 and the iLife V5 Pro (a.k.a iLife V5s) are two robotic vacuum cleaners designed to clean both wet and dry surfaces. The iLife V5 Pro is just a more powerful upgrade to the iLife V5. Both robot vacuum cleaners combine a dry cleaner (vacuum suction) and...