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Turbine Flow Meter - Counter Water Meter Sanitary

How to Install a Turbine Flow Meter

Turbine flow meters are engineered with internal components that are water-resistant, providing a long service life and trouble-free operation. Fluid flowing in the device is initially conditioned or calibrated by the inlet flow straightener, reducing turmoil in the liquid. The flowing fluid makes the rotor blade to spin and rotate...

Refrigerator Installation & Placement Issues

Well you have finally bought a Refrigerator or you are seriously thinking about making a purchase. Here we have provided information to guide you in installing and placing your refrigerator. Where to Buy Refrigerators Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦24,000.00 Buy Now Konga.comfrom ₦25,500.00 Buy Now The best place for a family refrigerator is in the kitchen...
Window Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Installation Issues & Guides

Here are a few installation guides for an air conditioner. The installation of an air conditioning system may require special tools and skills which you may not have. Hence it is advisable to employ a trained technician to help with the installation. Where to Buy Air Conditioners Jumia.com.ng from ₦60,000.00 Buy...