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Lontor LED Rechargeable Lantern Review – Battery & Charging

How long does it last on full chargeLontor Lantern specs indicates it can last for up to 6 hours on full brightness. We tested this fact and found it to be accurate. After 6 hours of use our Lontor LED rechargeable lantern looked as though it could take another 2 to 3 hours. We did not notice any remarkable reduction in illumination. If you need to get more hours, you can operate on half-brightness. You can squeeze out 12 hours of illumination on half-brightness. If for whatever reason you prefer the disco lights, the Lontor LED Rechargeable Lantern can go...

Lontor LED Rechargeable Lamp Review – Features Price Specs

Lontor CTL-DT725 is a handy multi-purpose LED Rechargeable Lamp for lighting your home in the dark, reading, or for camping. It offers 6 hours on full brightness and up to 12 hours on half brightness (recommended brightness for reading). Here are a rundown of the specs. Lontor LED Rechargeable Lamp Specs30 white LED bulbs 3 multi-colour LED bulbs Charging LED indicator 3 light modes (full brightness, half brightness, disco light) 4 way rotary switch 3v, 3000mAH rechargeable lead acid battery 15 to 20 hours charge time up to 12 hours on half brightness up to 6 hours on full brightness up to 60 hours on disco lights Applications: Camping, Reading,...