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Ortur Obsidian 3D printer

Ortur Obsidian 3D Printer Price, Specs, and Best Deals

The Ortur Obsidian is a high-end 3D Printer that offers a dual Z-axis, a 24V heated bed, with a print volume of 250x250x300 mm. Furthermore, the head is configured as a direct drive with a BMG dual drive extruder with a fast response automatic and a self-leveling filament. Where to Buy Ortur Obsidian 3D Printer AliExpress – See Offers Ortur Obsidian 3D printer has powerful configurations that allow the printer to perfectly melt, extrude, and stick various types of 3D printing consumables. It offers a hardware foundation for affording the impeccable sort of consumables which include ABS, TPU, PETG, and so on.  Ortur Obsidian...