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Tech Innovations For Kids With Autism

At least one in every 125 to 150 children in Nigeria is on the autistic spectrum, that’s equivalent to around 600,000 children. If your child has autism, you will know just how hard it can be and sometimes every day can feel like a struggle for them. Many children have difficulty with communication, understanding...
Protect and Monitor Children and Teens on Social Media

What Are Some Ways You Can Help Protect Your Child Online?

When it comes to children and internet, it can be a real problem to deal with for parents.  As much as the internet has been a boon to humanity, it does have its dark sides as well. This is particularly problematic in the case of children, as opposed to adults. The...
Autism Parenting

Autism Parenting – Everything you need to support your family

Autism is a multifaceted disability. Unlike other disorders that have clear causes and effective treatments, autism is a disorder of unknown origins. Raising a developmentally different child is a challenge for most parents. For parents to be effective in guiding the growth of their child, they first need to...
Technology & Kids Today

How Kids Can Make the Right Use of Tech and not be Addicted to it

Relationship Between Technology & Kids Today: To truly understand the relationship that exists between children and technology today, let’s look at a research study that was conducted in 2009 that will put a lot of things into perspective. The study found that, on average, most kids spent more than five-and-a-half hours...
The 4 Best Effective Tech Gadgets For Parents

The 4 Best Effective Tech Gadgets For Parents

Being a parent is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world but on the other hand, it is not as easy as it seems to be. The reason why parenting can be a little stressful is that being a parent you have to be very careful about...