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All about PHCN Electronic Meter and Prepaid Meter.

Saving Money & Cost on Electric Energy at Home

Looking for ways you could reduce your monthly electric energy bills? Looking for simple tips on saving electric energy at home? Here are a few tips for saving money and cost on energy. Use energy efficient light bulbs install energy efficient gadgets at home Ensure thermostats are working Turn on security light only when it is dark or necessary Turn on only lightning points that are in use Turn on only gadgets that are in use Stop all bad habits that waste energy For details read, our post titled cheating the electric energy meter. Although the post is titled cheating the electric energy meter most of...


Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, has over the past few months been deploying electronic electric energy prepayment meters for energy consumers in Nigeria. In this page, you will find links to posts on Nigeria Technology Guide relating to PHCN and the electronic electric energy prepayment meters.Cheating your electronic electric energy meter saving energy costs without breaking the lawBenefits of electronic electric energy prepayment meter to power companies like PHCN & to energy consumersOverview & Review of an electronic electric energy prepayment meter with focus on DDSY111Electronic electric energy prepayment meter installation guideReview of monitor unit of electronic energy...


Single phase split energy prepayment electronic meters currently being deployed in Nigeria by the power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) comes in two units. One of this units is called the monitor unit. The monitor unit is the smaller of the two meter units installed in the consumer’s premises.The monitor unit provides the user interface to enable the consumer to interact with the meter.Here are some of its features:nine digit LCD displayIt has a built-in nine digits LCD display that display some meter information to the consumer. Information that can be read from the monitor unit includes:Available credit: this...

Cheating Electric Energy Meter for Energy Savings

Are you looking for information on, how to cheat, or bypass your electric energy meter? Sorry to disappoint you. This page does not contain any information on illegal meter connection. Rather, it contains information on cheating the energy meter without breaking the law. In fact, the appropriate title for this page would have been ‘Tips on reducing your electric energy bills’. However, we chose this title because of popular demand. With the deployment of energy prepayment electronic meters in Nigeria, Nigerians are now looking for ways of reducing their energy bills. Metaphorically speaking, you are cheating your energy meter if...

Prepayment Meter Installation Guide – Electronic Meter

This document is not intended to teach you how to install an Electronic energy prepayment meter, it will only help you to know what to do and expect during prepayment meter installation. It will empower you to monitor the installation of your Electronic electric energy prepayment meter and ensure that the power holding company of Nigeria, PHCN, technician does the right thing. Note your last Meter Reading In case you already have the old metering unit, you must ensure you copy down your last meter reading on the old unit before the new Electronic energy-metering unit is installed. This is important...

Recharging & Loading Energy Prepayment Meter

Loading credit into your Electronic energy prepayment meter is simple. The Electronic prepayment meter provides you with a number of options. The most popular option is to load credit into your Electronic energy prepayment meter using your customer smart card provided with the meter. Another option is to load energy credit using a 12-digit pin code. Its infrared port provides a third option. RECHARGING ELECTRONIC METER WITH SMARTCARD Electronic prepayment energy metering system provides energy consumers with a smart card. This smart card is used to purchase, load, retrieve or sell power credit. Before you can use your smart card,...

Electronic Energy Prepayment Meter Overview

Electronic electric energy prepayment meters are currently being deployed in Nigeria. The prepayment meters hold many promises. It will put the control of energy consumption in the hands of consumers. It will also encourage the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) to focus on power generation and supply because they will not earn any money if they do not supply power. Electronic prepayment meter is an electronic device that enables an energy consumer to pay for energy before actually using it. The consumer buys energy credits from a power company like PHCN or its agents. Energy credit bought is loaded...

Prepayment Meter Series: Electronic Energy Meters

The Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) is deploying Electronic energy prepayment meters in cities in Nigeria. These new meters are part of Nigerian government’s plan to ensure that Nigerians begin to pay for Electrical energy. Power Holding Company of Nigeria also hopes that the deployment of these new Electronic Prepayment Energy Meters will reduce the cost of revenue collection by PHCN as well as increase revenues. These new electronic energy prepayment meters will put the consumer in control. You can now decide how much you are willing to spend on energy monthly. It is a fair way to pay...