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Washing Machine Price in Nigeria

Washing Machine and Dryer Price in Nigeria for 2023

Do you need a washing machine and wondering how much it costs these days? We have done extensive research of the best washing machines and dryers in Nigeria for doing your laundry in 2023 and their prices. In this article you will find the latest washing machine and dryer price in Nigeria updated for 2023. Top Picks First let us look at some of the most popular and highly recommended washing machines in Nigeria right now with their prices. We start with the affordable models and then go to the more premium models. Some of the models combine washer and dryer: Polystar...
Best Front Load Washing Machine for Better Laundry

Front Load Washing Machine Price in Nigeria – Front Loaders

Front load washing machines are favored because of their superior performance. Their top selling point is their efficiency. They require much less water and detergent than top loaders. Front Load Washing Machine Price in Nigeria ranges from 150,000 Naira to 7,000,000 Naira depending on the capacity, level of sophistication, and/or your location in the country. Where to Buy Front Loaders Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers Although front load washers have higher average prices compared to top loaders, their economical operations may make them cheaper in the long term. Here are...
Haier Thermocool 6kg Washer

Top Load Washing Machine Price in Nigeria – Top Loaders

Top Load Washing Machines are models of washers loaded from the top. Their major advantage is their lower price tags. Their design also allows for more compact and more generator friendly models. Top Load Washing Machine Price in Nigeria ranges from 30,000 Naira for the compact models to up to 250,000 Naira for the fully automatic washers. Where to Buy Front Loaders Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers Prices vary depending on the capacity of the top load washing machine. Capacity can range from 1.5kg to up to 15kg. Compact washers of...
LG TV Prices - LG UH6500 4K TV

LG TV Prices – Best LED OLED Plasma LCD TV Price

LG is a leading TV brand in Nigeria. Consumers interested in buying new TVs in Nigeria are always likely to consider LG TV as they are hard to miss at leading online stores and Electronics stores in Nigeria. Here you will find LG TV prices, from Curved and flat OLED TV to LED TV, LCD, NANOCell Plasma, and 3D TVs. From our current price listing, you can buy an LG TV starting at 99,500 Naira. Check out the rest of the list. Where to Buy LG TV Jumia Nigeria – See Offers LG TV Prices in 2021 LG LED TV Prices LG LED TV...

Nigeria Electricity Pricing – Finder Tool

If you need to find the pricing of electricity across Nigeria, there is a simple tool to help you do that. NaijaTechGuide Apps now has a simple tool for discovering the power tariff of any state in Nigeria. Power Tariff, a click awayJust select a Location and your Tariff Class and hit the Show Tariff button and the Nigeria Electricity Pricing Tool will display the power tariff for your search. The tool does not only show the power tariff but also includes the monthly fixed charge as well as returns the Tariff class and Location you selected. So, if you are new...

Used BlackBerry Phone Price UK & London Used

It is no longer news that BlackBerry phones offer one of the cheapest internet access cost in Nigeria. With as low as N1,000 one can get reasonable data allowance on BlackBerry complete, while N1,500 will provide up to 3GB browsing on BIS. While BlackBerry access cost is cheap, most BlackBerry phones are very expensive, making used BlackBerry phones an attractive option for a lot of Nigerians. However, a number of brand new BB phones are now within reach.Where to Buy BlackBerry PhonesJumia.com.ng from ₦22,000.00 Buy Now Konga.com from ₦22,000.00 Buy Now Want to buy brand new BlackBerry Phones? They are available...

Shopping Nigeria Find Prices & Cost of Tech Gadgets

When shopping for tech gadgets pricing information is very important especially in Nigeria where prices are largely not transparently displayed and price bargain is a way of life. Even when shopping in organised retailers pricing information is also important since transactions are often done in cash, you need to know how much to hit the shop with. You would not love coming several thousand short of the price of your dream gadget.Where to Shop OnlineKonga.comfrom ₦500.00 View Offers Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦500.00 View Offers At naijatechguide blog, we have been publishing price information for years. This page is aimed at consolidating all our...
BlackBerry DTEK60 Featured

BlackBerry Complete A Cheaper BB Service Price

BlackBerry Complete is a stripped down BIS plan. It comes at a cheaper price, but with some tradeoffs. BlackBerry Complete is available in Nigeria on Glo, MTN, Etisalat, and Airtel. It is one of the cheap BlackBerry Plans in Nigeria aimed at making the cost of using a BlackBerry Phone cheaper. BlackBerry Complete is an entry level service targeted at ordinary users and student. Users with more demand are better-off staying with the full BIS service. Where to Buy BlackBerry Phones Jumia.com.ng from ₦22,000.00 Buy Now Although BlackBerry Complete comes with some tradeoff, most users in the target segment will hardly notice...

Find Prices of Phones & Smartphones – Tekinuzu Price List

Our partner site, tekinuzu.com is now offering prices of mobile phones on its phones section. On the Tekinuzu phones price list, you will find prices of all types of phones from the very cheap ones to the highend smartphones from all manufacturers that matter in Nigeria. All prices on the list are for new and genuine mobile phones. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the Tekinuzu Phones Price List.Where to Buy Mobile PhonesJumia.com.ng from ₦2,500.00 Buy Now Konga.com from ₦3,500.00 Buy Now An organised price listOne great thing about the price lists is that they are sectioned according to...

BlackBerry Price & Access Codes BIS BB10 BES Plans

Now that you have bought a BlackBerry phone, you may be looking for cost of accessing BlackBerry services in Nigeria. Here you will find the price of BlackBerry services across multiple networks in Nigeria as well as find codes for accessing them. If you are looking for cost of BlackBerry phones in Nigeria, visit our BlackBerry phones page instead.Where to Buy BlackBerry PhonesJumia.com.ng from ₦22,000.00 Buy Now Konga.com from ₦22,000.00 Buy Now Like you may have found out, a BlackBerry phone without access to BlackBerry services is a useless toy and a big waste of money. So, you will do well...