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5 Ways to Stand Out in the Workplace

If you’re new in the workplace, creating a place for yourself will help you to find your feet and progress. Every year, 11 million young people graduate from higher institutions of learning and only 3 million jobs are created, according to Junior Achievement Africa. As a new employee, aside from building your network, there are other factors that can distinguish you at the workplace. Here are five ways to strengthen your chances in the workplace and in a new job: 1. Build Up Your Confidence Having a good measure of confidence in your abilities can set you apart from others. When the...

Project Management PMP Training for 5000 NGN – DealDey Deal

5,000 Naira is one of the cheapest price you can pay for any training on Project Management in Nigeria. The deal is for a four-day training that will offer you the knowledge set for PMP certification exam and will run on two consecutive Saturdays and Sundays. Project Management is a key skill for most job roles. This training will not give you PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, it will only bring up your knowledge to the level required to enable you sit for the PMP exam. You will however get a certificate of participation at the end of the training. Project...

5 Most Incredible Engineering Projects in The World

What makes incredible engineering projects? Is it their scale, their use of cutting-edge technology, or their imagination in taking on what seemed to be almost impossible engineering feats? Project Management Training for 5,000 Naira Some of the most impressive modern examples of engineering have ranged from the development of super particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider through to Dubai’s artificial islands, and the tallest building in the world (at least for the present anyway). While some of these projects are still experiencing some problems, their achievements deserve closer inspection: Project Management in Nigeria The Large Hadron Collider Created by CERN between 1998 and...
Project Management Books

Project Management Books: Buy, Read, and Run Successful Projects

Improve your project management skills with books. If you are currently undergoing a project management course, you may require books to help you fully understand project management concepts. Here we have compiled some of the bestselling project management books that you can buy at Amazon.com You can find books describing project management general concept as well as books for preparing for project management international certifications like PMP. We have also provided a compilation of books focusing on the project management software like Primavera and MS Office Project as well as the leading project management method Prince2 and Agile. Project Management Training Hot Books...
Project Management

Project Management Nigeria Training Centres Prices

Project management skills are lacking in Nigeria. This is the only way that the large cases of abandoned or failed projects in Nigeria can be explained. For Nigeria as a nation to achieve its visions, latest project management techniques must be used to ensure that resources are promptly and well utilized to achieve the ultimate goal in good time and on reasonable budget. This page provides information about what project management is and its importance to government and businesses in Nigeria. You also find contacts of training centres where one can acquire project management training in Nigeria. You can also...