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UPS Price in Nigeria Dealers APC Bluegate Mercury Computer Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS, provide automatic power backup to enable you save your files, close application, and properly shutdown your computer system during power failure. In this page, you will find information on prices of some popular UPS brands in Nigeria. UPS brand names covered include Bluegate, Mercury, and so on. You will also find contacts of some UPS dealers in Nigeria. To Buy UPS Online, Click Here Prices of UPS depend largely on power capacity. Popular power capacities for home use include 600VA, 650VA, and 700VA. A UPS of between 600VA and 700VA can comfortably power your PC with monitor....

UPS: Does your Cyber Cafe have Backup Power

Imagine this, you walked into a cyber cafe, you have a proposal to send to a client. You bought your time and logged in to the internet. You enter the web address of your email, but because of slow network it took 15 minutes for the compose page to load. Finally you start composing your master piece proposal. Suddenly after about 20 minutes as you were about to proof read your proposal, the PC monitor goes blank. There have been a power outbreak and the PC you are using is not connected to a UPS. If you live in Nigeria,...