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Animated Stories

How to Tell Better Stories with Animation Videos

Every day we come across hundreds of animated videos. Some are entertaining, while some are educational. But only some of them leave a mark on our minds. Typically, the only videos that stay with us for a long time are those with great storytelling. That is why brands constantly strive to tell better stories through animated videos. However, even educational whiteboard videos for businesses also need great storytelling to be effective. But why does storytelling work? Stories that are properly conveyed can breathe life into your video marketing strategy. Storytelling through animated videos can combine brand culture, message, values, and product, leading...
Effective Social Media Videos

Create Effective Social Media Videos with this Simple Checklist

Without a doubt, social media videos are among the best tools available to boost user engagement with your content and brand. After all, the great thing about social platforms is precisely that your followers become active participants in your efforts, interacting and sharing your content to help you reach increasingly bigger audiences! That is in theory, at least. In practice, you can’t post a random video, sit back, and just wait for it to “go viral”. If your goal is to establish and nurture a healthy social media presence using videos, you need a strategy and methodology that produces content that...
How to Launch an Ecommerce Business

6 Great Examples of eCommerce Product Videos to Learn From

There's no doubt that videos are an excellent tool for reaching a large audience. Moreover, they are perfect for explaining something in record time and are highly engaging. Last but not least, people LOVE them! So, when it comes to eCommerce businesses, there's no better strategy than showcasing a product through video content. It turns out that product videos are one of the best ways to present a product or service, boost consumer interest, and convert leads into customers. The thing is that there’s not a single “best” approach – there are several avenues at your disposal when it comes to...

5 Pro Tips on Making Whiteboard Animation Videos That Enhance Your...

We all know that marketing trends are crucial to keep an eye out. But sometimes, a type of marketing content appears that’s so powerful that it becomes a staple for businesses --online and. off. That’s the deal with whiteboard animation videos. On the surface, whiteboard animation seems incredibly simple. Maybe even way too simple. It’s just an animated hand drawing a linear illustration on a white canvas, right? Yes, and ironically that’s what makes the style so compelling. This minimalistic approach to animated explainer videos turns any message into something easy for our brains to follow and retain -regardless of how...
YouTube Marketing this Year

YouTube Marketing Tips for 2021

If you are looking for more information about YouTube marketing in 2021, then you’ve come to the right place. We will give you interesting ideas that are tested, proven and working in 2021. Find out the Best Time to Post When you upload your video, you will see the option to schedule it to be published. This is usually handy, especially if you want some consistency on your channel, such as releasing a video every Tuesday at noon. While scheduling time isn't as important as it is on other platforms, choosing the right time to post to YouTube can still give your...
6 Types of Videos That Can Enhance Your Landing Page's Effectiveness

6 Types of Videos That Can Enhance Your Landing Page’s Effectiveness

Creating a landing page for your brand allows you to communicate with your audience in your own terms. However, you want your website to have just the right amount of relevant information, addressing your clients in a captivating way. So, how can you take full advantage of your landings’ possibilities? What is the most engaging medium to show people what your brand and products are all about? You’ve guessed it! The answer is video – spoilers in the title, I know. Right now, landing page videos have become the most effective medium to show (rather than tell) your products or services, and...
Filmora Pro Video Editor

Best Video Editing Software for Mac in 2022

Apple's Mac is a popular line of devices among creative professionals. As you'd expect, numerous individual developers and acclaimed software companies produce video editing software for the macOS. It is necessary to choose the best among them to enhance the productivity of your business or organization for video marketing. Multiple factors need to be weighed in before selecting what's best for your requirement. Listed below are the top twelve video editing software for macOS in 2022. 1. Final Cut Pro X Leaving behind the old days, Final Cut Pro X has become one of the top video editing software that one can use...
Ways to Make Tech Products Approachable Using Explainer Videos

5 Ways to Make Tech Products Approachable Using Explainer Videos

Marketing tech products – including apps and software solutions – is no easy task. Not only do you have to convince potential customers that your product is better than the competition. But you also need to thoroughly convey the key value proposition of things that are often too complex and difficult to cover in a single sales pitch. When you need to communicate a message that’s so complicated, sometimes your audience might feel intimidated. They’re looking at complex tech specs, listening to different software comparisons, and all of this can make them feel overwhelmed when buying online ―especially if they’re not very technologically literate! But...
How to Promote Your App with Video Content

How to Promote Your App with Video Content

Competition is brutal in platforms like Google’s Play Store and the Apple’s App Store. Regardless of how excellent your app may be, there are just so many others out there vying for your audience's interest! So, it’s up to your marketing content to do the heavy lifting and help you build a core audience to nurture and grow. Something easier said than done. As your primary target is mostly mobile users, you are not only competing with other apps in your niche. You also have to gain attention from twitter notifications, WhatsApp alerts, and other distractions on your potential downloader’s screens. In this...

Stats and Facts About Video Marketing

Video marketing, as the name implies, is the use of videos in marketing campaigns and strategies. It can be used in several ways, but this term generally covers anything involved in the use of video content to reach an audience. The thing is: The use of video can come with several benefits which include increased SEO ranking for websites and a closer connection with the audience. What’s more, it helps consumers to retain the information seen. The market that can be reached through video already exists. Video marketing statistics show that up to about 94% of video marketers say that it...