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Java vs Python

Java vs Python – What’s better for your Project?

Long lines of arguments for and against Java / Python. Which one to choose for your project? Let’s take a close look at each technology, their pros and cons. Making the right choice will be much easier. Java: Scalability and Speed Java is a great powerful tool for building big projects...
The Best Programmer's Setup

The Best Programmer’s Setup

If you happen to be one of such programmers who needs a perfect programming setup to start coding and concentrate in a better way. Then you better stick with this page. Programming is a hectic job, and there is no doubt in it. And but a great programming setup...
start learning Computer Programming

How to Start Learning Computer Programming

Many of us are keen on learning computer programming languages for our own reasons. If you think learning this language is an uphill task, then you may be wrong. With different tutorials, courses, and books available online, learning a computer language is no more a big deal. The only thing...
Mirsoft Team

Mirsoft LLC – Mobile/Digital Revolution in the Nigerian Business Environment

A Tech company recently has entered the business environment in Nigeria with the aim of expanding the frontiers of the ongoing mobile/digital revolution in the Nigerian business milieu. Mirsoft LLC. have identified ways in which their businesses intersect, and have decided to work in their bid to furnish every Nigerian...
Beginners’ guide to API design

Beginners’ Guide to API Design

Do you want to find out how to design a good API? Many books, articles, forums offer different solutions and guide you through the process. In this article, we will present you a beginner’s guide to API design and the most important principles you should follow. It doesn’t matter what...
Conquer Web Development With Internet Marketing

How to Conquer Web Development With Internet Marketing

The race of competition has no end. Everyone wants to establish superiority or supremacy in a particular area using different skills and approaches. Their foremost goal is to achieve the highest place in rankings, such that no one can outperform them. One might fear challenging all those vast, multinational companies...