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3D TV, Blu-ray Players, and Contents Major feature for CES 2010

3D TV was a major feature at the Consumer Electronic Show, CES 2010. 3D TV for homes will be available sometime in 2010 with major Electronic manufacturers promoting their different 3D TV designs at the show. Manufacturers like Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, are due to launch 3D TVs this year. Sony and Panasonic also announced a 3D Blu-ray player at the CES 2010. Where to Buy TVs Jumia.com.ng - from ₦30,000.00 View Offer 3D TVs display content in 3-dimensions, giving a more realistic and captivating viewing experience. To achieve 3D effect on TV the images are shot at two angles and merged to...
Home Theater

Home Theater: Buying a Wide Screen Television

A wide screen television delivers the high quality video and even sound that you require from your home theater. The wide screen TV is the most expensive component of a home theater; hence great care must be taken when selecting one. Where to Buy Home Theatres Jumia.com.ng from ₦75,295.00 Buy Now There are lots of options to choose from in the market today. They include the good old CRT rear projection, the plasma flat-panel, the LCD flat-panel and the LCD rear projection televisions. Also see why LG has the Best Soundbars for your TV The plasma television offers great picture quality in a very...