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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2 Price, Specs, and Features

At an event hosted in China, Xiaomi unveiled the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2 laptop, an upgrade to the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro which was released almost exactly a year ago (September 2017). During the launch event at ChinaJoy 2018 in Shanghai, Xiaomi announced two different variants of the Notebook Pro 2....

Xiaomi Air 13 Laptop Specs & Price

Xiaomi Air 13 is the bigger of the two laptops launched by Xiaomi earlier this year. However, it is not just bigger than the Xiaomi Air 12, it also offers a more powerful Intel Core i5 processor and twice as much RAM, making it a better choice if you...
Xiaomi Air 12 Laptop Featured

Xiaomi Air 12 Laptop Specs & Price

Xiaomi Air 12 and Xiaomi Air 13 are the first laptops from Xiaomi, a Chinese company better known for 'making value for money' smartphones. The Xiaomi Air 12 is the smaller of the two laptops with a smaller 12.5-inch Display. The Design and Display Xiaomi Air 12 features a sleek metal...