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LCD LED Plasma 3D TV Prices - Buy Price Television

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You want to buy a Plasma television, a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TV, an LED TV, or a 3D TV and wondering how much you need to budget for a purchase. If you plan to buy a TV, this will provide information on prices of some popular Plasma, LED, 3D, and LCD TV models in Nigeria. Prices of SlimFit TVs are also provided scroll down for price list.

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LCD and Plasma are state of the art in television designs and greatly economize room space. If room space is a priority then flat panel LCD/Plasma television is a great option compared to the conventional rear projection Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TV. In fact you can hang your Plasma/LCD on the wall.

Prices of flat panel televisions depend on the screen size. As you would expect, the larger the screen size the higher the cost of the TV. Prices of flat panel televisions also depend on the brand. For example while an LG 32-inch LCD television  57,000 Naira the Samsung 32-inch TV with similar technology goes for about 70,000 Naira.

In the same vain the cost of a flat panel TV depends on the screen technology, Plasma, LCD, or LED. For instance while a 42-inch plasma television costs about 80,000 Naira, a 42-inch LCD TV sells for 95,000 Naira, the price of a 42-inch LED TV may start at N130,000, while the price of a 42-inch 3D TV goes for N250,000. An 3D TV is the most costly inch for inch followed by LED TV then LCD TV then Plasma TV. Prices of TVs may also vary depending on series with newer series fitted with latest technologies costing more than older series.

Also important is the fact that LCD and LED TV are available in smaller screen sizes while Plasma and 3D TV holds sway in larger screen sizes 42’-inch and above. However, there are 32-inch Plasma TV breaking the barrier even further.

Here is a price list of the most popular screen sizes of Plasma, LCD, LED, and 3D television. Note however that prices will vary by brand (Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and more). The cost may also vary depending on your location (cheaper in major cities). However, expect prices to be within 15% of the value on this page.

Samsung LCD LED Plasma TV prices

Samsung 26-inch LCD TV - N65,999

Samsung 32” LCD TV series 4 - 84,000 Naira

Samsung 37” LCD Television 153,000 Naira

Samsung 40” LCD Television series 5 – N203,999

Samsung 40” LCD Television series 6 – N295,000

Samsung 46” LCD Television series 6 – N325,999

Samsung Plasma TV 42-inch N150,000

Samsung Plasma TV 50-inch - 200,000 Naira

Samsung 46-inch LED - 400,000 Naira

Samsung 32-inch LED - 150,000 Naira

Samsung 40-inch LED - 260,000 Naira

Samsung 21 inch ultra slim fit Television – N25,000

Samsung 29 inch slim fit Television – N50,000

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LG LCD LED Plasma 3D TV prices

LG 32” LCD TV - 98,999 Naira

LG LCD TV 37” - 189,000 Naira

LG 40” LCD TV - N250,000

LG 42” LCD TV - N260,000

LG 42” Plasma TV – N150,000

LG 42-inch Plasma 3D TV - 115,000 Naira

LG 42-inch 3D TV - 300,000 Naira

LG 42-inch 3D LED TV - N250,000

LG 47-inch 3D LED Television - N345,000

LG 55-inch 3D LED Television – N600,000

LG 72-inch 3D LED Television – N1,980,000

LG 23-inch LED Television - 78,000 Naira

LG 32-inch LED Television - 80,000 Naira

LG 42-inch LED Television - N130,000

LG 47-inch LED Television - N220,000

LG 42-inch Plasma Television - 80,000 Naira

LG 50-inch Plasma TV - 120,000 Naira

LG 60-inch Plasma Television - N340,000

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Sony Bravia LCD TV prices

Sony Bravia 32-inch LCD TV V 4000 - 103,999 Naira

Sony Bravia 40-inch LCD TV – N199,999

Sony Bravia 46” LCD TV – N336,000

Sony Bravia 50” LCD TV – N385,000

Sony Bravia 52” LCD TV W400 – N600,000

Ensure however, that you buy your television and all other electronic products from accredited dealers. This will ensure that you buy an original TV. If you buy from an accredited dealer, you will get at least a one-year warranty on your electronic products.

Do you sell TVs? Find out how to add contacts on this page.

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Here are a few accredited dealers:


21B Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
Brands: LG
Other Products: Refrigerator, Air conditioners, etc
Surulere: 01-2830333
Allen Avenue: 01-7648722
Ikoyi: 01-461018
Apapa: 01-7917397
Kaduna: 08038293474, 082-212632
website: www.fouani.com


Brands: all, LG, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Ocean, etc
Products: all, LCD/Plasma/CRT TV, mobile phone, Refrigerators, etc
Address: 47 Guru Plaza, Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
Port Harcourt: 08077442454


Brands: all, LG, Samsung, Sony, Ocean, etc
Products: all, mobile phone, Air conditioners, Refrigerators, etc
Address: 17 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos
Marina: 01-2666875
Ikeja: 01-7202509
Apapa: 01-7851725
Port Harcourt


2 Ogui Road, Enugu
Brands: all, Samsung, LG, Sony, etc
Other Products: Refrigerator, Air conditioners, DVD players, etc
042-250145, 08035178650
Victoria Island, Lagos: 01-7450712, 08037880244
Ikeja: 01-4938657, 08033353907
Abuja: 09-5234651, 08035024003
Onitsha: 046-213984, 08035018913
Kano: 064-641069, 08033337823
Port Harcourt: 084-799463, 08033739928


Brand: all, Samsung, LG, Sony, etc
Other Products: DVD, Laptops, Air conditioners, etc
21st Century mall, Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island

Black King Florina Ltd

Other Products: DVD players, Generators, Air conditioners, etc
Brands: LG, Samsung, Panasonic, JVC, Perkins, Philips, etc
08085728888, 01-7634565
Address: 78 Allen Avenue, Ikeja

Foramot Nigeria Ltd

Brands: Sony, Samsung
01-8112847, 08034442394
7, Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos

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