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Your business website needs a reliable hosting service. Sure, you would not want customers to be regularly greeted with a page not found error, due to frequent server downtime from your unreliable web hosting service. Yes, a server is bound to go down, but if it is frequent (like every other week/month), then your web hosting service should have some questions to answer.

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A Few Web Hosting Services

Web hosting services rent you space to host your website on the internet. You can go for a good cheap shared web hosting service costing less than $10 a month or you can pay a bit more for dedicated server hosting service if your website requires it. However, cheap web hosting is usually okay for most businesses.

Note that web hosting services may offer discounts for the first year. So, it is important to know the real cost before signing up. Here are a few web hosting services to consider during your research. Some of them are also domain name registrars.

Choosing a Web Hosting Service

When choosing a web hosting service, your top consideration should be their server downtime. You want to deal with web hosting services that will offer reliable services so that your customers and visitors can find you when they need you. Then for the few occasions that their server goes down, the web hosting service should have processes in place to recover without hurting your website. Yes, it is possible that in severe server breakdowns you could lose your website or at least some of it.

You should also think about the customer support of the web hosting sites. Certainly, you will prefer a web hosting service that will respond promptly to your questions and problems. A web hosting service with a knowledgeable support team will always make life very easy for you.

The technologies supported by a web hosting service are equally important. Make sure that the software and applications on their server meets the requirement of your project or website. Web hosting services will always show a list of features and functionalities of their web hosting plans support.

Equally important is the server allocation i.e. the bandwidth, storage space, etc. You need to know what the web hosting service have allocated for your chosen web hosting plan. Most cheap web hosting plans will offer more than enough allocation for most small businesses and even some medium scale businesses.

Note that although most cheap web hosting services advertise unlimited bandwidth and storage, this should not be read literally. The unlimited there actually means unlimited for intended use. Cheap unlimited web hosting plans are intended for small and micro businesses so they are designed to meet the requirements of a typical micro or small business. So, cheap web hosting would seem unlimited for a typical small business, but do not expect to run Facebook on a cheap unlimited web hosting plan.

You should also consider value added services. Some value added services from web hosting services include website building tools, control panel, site backup, email, sub-domains, one-click CMS installation, etc. Some of these value added services may come free with your web hosting plan, but some will require you pay for them separately.

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