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Tecno Phones are growing in popularity amongst consumers on very tight budget looking to enjoy mobile technologies that until now has been exclusive to the middle class and the rich. With as low as 11,500 Naira ($75) one can buy a Tecno smartphone running Android, making it one of the leading smartphone brand of choice for the poor masses and young people in Nigeria.

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Tecno & Android

Tecno started out making cheap basic phones and feature phones, but has now added Android based smartphones to its lineup. Building its smartphones on the tested and trusted Android platform and keeping prices low has added to the popularity of Tecno phones in Nigeria and across Africa. Compare Prices of Android Phones.

Some of the most talked about Tecno phones are the Android models. Here you will find the best Tecno phones in the Nigerian market with a prices and brief specs. Our focus however are the Android models, because they are the best Tecno phones.

Tecno Phantom A

Tecno F7 aka Phantom A

Tecno Phantom A (a.k.a Tecno F7) is Tecno's current flagship smartphone, replacing the Tecno N7 from the top spot. Tecno Phantom A offers a large brilliant display with a sleek design.

Like the N7, the Tecno F7 is a 5-incher, but the display offers a more superior view. It also offers an 8 megapixels camera with LED flash. It is powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor and runs on Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean).

The Price of the Tecno Phantom A in Nigeria now ranges from 34,000 Naira to 38,500 Naira.

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Tecno N7

Tecno N7 Android Phone

Tecno N7 is the flagship smartphone. It features a massive 5-inch touch display, 5 megapixels camera with Flash, secondary camera for video calling, Fast HSPA+ internet, and Wi-Fi hotspot. However, you do not need to break a bank to buy one as price currently range from 23,000 Naira to 33,000 Naira.

It is one of the most powerful Tecno phone with a 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, and Android 4.04 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It is available in single SIM and dual-SIM variants.

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Tecno Q1

Tecno Q1

Tecno Q1 features a physical QWERTY keyboard that makes sharing and posting updates on social networking and chat services easy and fast. It runs on Android 4.04 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and comes with Whatsapp messaging app pre-loaded. Tecno Q1 has a 2.6-inch Touch Display and a 5MP Camera with flash.

The Q1 comes with similar power as the Tecno N7: 1GHz dual-core processor paired with a 512MB RAM. The Tecno Q1 Price in Nigeria ranges from 16,500 Naira and 18,500 Naira.

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Tecno N3

Tecno N3

Tecno N3 was the first Tecno phone to feature the Android OS. It features a 3.5-inch touchscreen, a 3 megapixels camera at the rear-end, dual-SIM, and 3G internet. Tecno N3 is built on Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and comes with an 800MHz processor and 256MB RAM. Tecno N3 Price in Nigeria ranges from 12,500 Naira and 14,000 Naira.

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Tecno P3

Tecno P3
Tecno P3 is an upgrade to Tecno's first Android smart phone, the Tecno N3. At a price range of between 13,000 Naira and 15,000 Naira, it is one of the cheapest smartphones in Nigeria. It features a 3.5-inch touchscreen, 3MP camera with flash, dual-SIM, and fast 3G Internet.

Tecno P3 is built on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with a 1GHz Qualcomm processor and 512MB RAM.

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Listed above are the best Tecno phones in Nigeria. Tecno offers over a dozen phones in Nigeria so these are just a few of them. Note however that because Tecno phones are cheap Andorid phones they may also face all the challenges faced by cheap Android phones due to their limited hardware such as short battery life, sluggish performance, etc. They may also not be as stylish as premium brands.

But if all you need is a phone that will get the job done eventually, Tecno phones will definitely deliver.

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