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Before Learning A Software Application Packages

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Most often, when people want to learn about the PC they focus on acquiring skills in the use of a software package. Most often a good understanding of the use of the operating system and basic hardware issues are ignored. Some training centres often rush through the computer appreciation section of course content.

However, without a proper understanding of features and functions of your operating system you are never truly computer literate. You need to properly appreciate the use of a PC or computer to be truly computer literate.

We will be providing information on things you should know before learning any application software package. If you do not know how to accomplish any of these tasks with a PC make sure you arrange with your trainer to teach you how to accomplish these tasks.

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You may also go for a special computer appreciation course. Such a course will enable you to properly understand the use of PC. An above average understanding of the use of a PC will make learning any software application package very easy.

If you cannot perform any of these tasks with a PC make sure you learn it now.

Starting and shutting down a PC

Are you one of those folks that only know how to use a PC when it is on? You need to know how to start, restart and shutdown a PC.

Connecting PC peripherals

You need to know at least how to connect a mouse and a keyboard to a PC. Also important is connecting a PC to the Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) or mains power supply.

Learning how to connect a printer or scanner to a PC or tablet is not out of place. Knowing how to accomplish these tasks will save you some money, embarrassments and time.

Using the mouse, track ball, touch pad and keyboard

Before going for training in any application software package you should first know how to use the mouse and keyboard. It is important to familiarise yourself with keyboard handling and key functions. Also important is finger placement.

Moving the mouse around can be quite challenging for first time users. So learn how to move, click, drag, and double click the mouse. Track balls and touch pads are a bit easier to use and are used on laptops.

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Creating files and folders

Usually you will be thought how to create a file during any software training programme. However, creating a folder is not usually thought. Folders enable you to organise your file on a PC.

Copying or Moving a file

One task that is performed very often with a PC is file copying or movement. Files are copied or moved from a secondary storage device like the hard disk to another secondary device like a floppy disk or flash drive. Files can also be moved or copied from a folder to another folder.

The difference between file copy and ‘file move’ is that when you copy a file a copy of the file is created and transferred to the new location leaving the original copy intact. However when you move a file the original copy is deleted automatically.

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In a software application training programme, you are usually thought how to save a document, but all too often they fail to teach you how to move or copy the file created from the location you originally saved it to a new one. So try and find out how.

Installing software in a PC

You should not only be able to use software installed by others you should be able install your own as well. Ability to perform this task will help you install software like antivirus, browsers, media players, Word processors, Spreadsheet, and, so on.

Other important PC skills you need to learn include:

  • Defragmenting hard disk
  • Scanning files and folders of viruses and errors
  • Using PC desktop
  • Customising your PC using control panel
  • Using my computer and my documents feature
  • Arranging your icons
  • Using Help feature
  • Searching files and folders

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