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Garmin manufactures a range of portable GPS satellite navigation devices. Garmin nuvi navigators are a range of portable mobile GPS navigation system small enough to fit into any bag. Garmin nuvi GPS devices gives access to street level maps of your city. They are also light, making them easy to carry around. They can be used in-car or by a pedestrian. Garmin nuvi GPS navigation devices also come with loads of add on features like mp3 player, audio book player, Bluetooth, travel guide, and so on to make your trips pleasurable.

Garmin nuvi 255w

Garmin nuvi is preloaded with detailed street level maps of countries where they are sold. Garmin nuvi devices sold at Amazon.com has detailed maps of the United States. Most also have detailed maps of Canada, while a few nuvis like Garmin nuvi 270, Garmin nuvi 370, Garmin nuvi 670, Garmin nuvi 770, and Garmin nuvi 880 come preloaded with detailed maps of Europe in addition to detailed maps of North America.

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For current prices, reviews, specifications and features of Garmin nuvi GPS navigation systems, visit our Amazon Store. You can also buy Garmin nuvis at the store.

However, it is likely that Garmin nuvi sold in your country will be preloaded with detailed maps of your country. For example in Nigeria Garmin dealers sell nuvi portable GPS navigation devices preloaded with detailed maps of some Nigerian cities. Some popular Garmin models available in Nigeria are the Garmin nuvi 205 and Garmin nuvi 205w. Palm Automobile and Accessories (palmaa), a security systems company, markets Garmin nuvi 200 with preloaded street level maps of Nigeria.

The Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) and Setdrive Ltd are promoting Garmin nuvi 200w with street level maps of Nigeria. According to NTDC, this is aimed at making it easy for tourists and Nigerians to locate places of interest. This Garmin nuvi 200w has a database of up to 6 million points of interest in Nigeria like tourist sites, hotels, restaurants, banks, shopping malls, banks, ATMs, and so on.

Garmin nuvi GPS navigators provide voice-based turn-by-turn directions to any destination you enter via their touchscreen. This means you get to your destination on time and never get lost. Garmin portable GPS navigation systems provide you with 2D or 3D maps, the choice is yours. A new feature added to the Garmin nuvi 205 series allows you lock the touchscreen preventing accidental clicks.

You can also add to the map by loading your own Custom Points of Interest (POIs), like school zones and security cameras. This POI feature enables you to set proximity alerts that warn you of upcoming POIs on your Garmin Satellite navigation device.

Garmin portable GPS navigators come with travel guide that provides useful information about popular locations like hotels, tourist sites, shopping malls, filling station, banks, and their likes. Simply enter the name of the place you want to go and Garmin GPS navigators will provide you with voice based turn-by-turn guide to the POI.

You can also receive Garmin traffic services if you are under RDS-TMC coverage. Traffic services also require GMT 10 FM TMC traffic receiver and subscription fee. Garmin traffic services come handy when you are cut-up in a traffic jam and require an alternative route, simply press a button and your Garmin navigation system will calculate a new route. This service is not available in all countries.

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If you desire Bluetooth, handsfree calling some Garmin GPS navigators have Bluetooth.

Garmin nuvi 600 series, Garmin nuvi 700 series, and Garmin 800 series adds a larger display (4.3 inches), traffic and weather information, an FM transmitter that delivers audio via your car’s stereo speaker and multi destination feature that will tell you the best route to follow for a trip that involves many destination points. Garmin also have widescreen models ending with w. For example Garmin nuvi 205 and Garmin nuvi 205w share similar feature except that Garmin nuvi 205w offer a wider 4.3-inches display while nuvi 205 come with 3.5-inch display.

For current prices, reviews, specifications and features of Garmin nuvi GPS navigation devices, visit our Amazon Store. You can also buy Garmin nuvis at the store.

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As stated earlier Garmin nuvis are GPS navigation devices and much more, here some features that may be available:

  • Calculator
  • Currency converter
  • JPEG picture viewer
  • world travel clock with time zones
  • measurement converter
  • 700 MB internal memory
  • Garmin Language Guide: nine languages & dialects supported including American English, British English, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, European Spanish, and Latin American. Get correct pronunciation via text-to-speech
  • SD memory expansion slot

At Amazon.com, you will find product details of Garmin nuvi navigators. You will also find accessories for your GPS navigators. Read product reviews written by customers who have recently bought this GPS navigator. Their experiences may be helpful in making a more informed decision.

If you live in the United States, you can also Buy Garmin nuvi GPS Navigation devices. If you live outside the US or wish to buy elsewhere, visit an electronic shop near you. Note that features may vary depending on location.

For current prices, reviews, specifications and features of Garmin nuvi GPS navigation systems, visit our Amazon Store. You can also buy Garmin nuvis at the store.

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