Degree Validate is a service that provides organisations that require fast and convenient way of verifying degree results from Nigerian University/Polytechnic with a platform to do just that. Degree Validate is an online result verification service from a security services company, Risk Control Services Nigeria Limited.

Degree Validate will help organisations to combat the incidence of Certificate forgery. Risk Control Nigeria Ltd has a database of over two million records of degree results from Nigerian universities and polytechnics. Information that can be confirmed with Degree Validate includes course of study, qualification, grade, year of graduation and so no.

Degree Validate is a must for any organisation that screen educational claims of candidates and require a convenient, fast, technology driven, 24/7 online certificate check service. Examples include:

  • employment agencies
  • HR department of organisations
  • Tertiary Institutions
  • background screening firms
  • Embassies
  • Police
  • Professional organisations
  • Electoral bodies and so on

Degree Validate can be used within and outside Nigeria.

So next time you think of verifying a Nigerian university/polytechnic degree results, think Degree Validate from Risk Control Service Ltd.

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