Give your Pickup a Sporty Look with Auto Canopies

Auto canopies can make your pickup look stylish. An auto canopy can be used to cover the open part of a pickup giving it a sporty look. Pickups with auto canopies are called general utility vehicle (GUV) because the vehicle can be used as a pickup without the auto canopy or an SUV with auto canopy.

You can find auto canopies in Nigeria for your pickup brands from Toyota, Ford, and so on. Auto canopies are easy to install or detach from your pickup. Usually drilling will not be required on your auto canopy.

One dealer of auto canopies in Nigeria is carryboy Nigeria ltd. With Auto-canopy models like G-500, G-3, and S-560 from carryboy, you can give your pickup a sporty look.

So if you want to experience the best of both worlds with a GUV, go for an auto canopy for your pickups.

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