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Nokia 1200 and Nokia 1208 both have predictive texting feature. This feature is called Dictionary in Nokia 1200 nomenclature. Note that in some mobile phones predictive texting may also go by the name T9 or iTAP.

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Predictive Texting is a mobile phone feature that allows for a faster typing of SMS messages. When using Predictive Texting you press each key once to enter any of the letters on the key.

The predictive texting software on your mobile phone will combine all your key presses into common words and attempt to guess the word you intended to type. Your key presses may result in more than one word; in such a case your mobile phone will display a list of all available word combinations. In Nokia 1200 or Nokia 1208 you press * to see all possible words that may result from such key presses.

Dictionary feature is active in English and local languages. Nokia 1200 sold in Nigeria support local languages like Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba.

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How to activate dictionary T9 on Nokia 1200 & 1208

To use T9 feature you have to navigate to the SMS editor. To load SMS editor follow the following steps:

  • Press Menu soft key
  • Select Messages menu option
  • Select Create messages Messages menu option

To activate dictionary T9 feature on Nokia 1200 follow the following steps:

  • Press Options soft key
  • Select Dictionary option
  • Highlight English, Hausa, or Yoruba option
  • Press OK soft key

Once you do this, you will be taken back to the SMS editor. You can now enter any word you want simply press each character once.

For example to enter Nigeria, simply press 6443742, just seven keys. Using conventional SMS, you would have pressed 15 keys 664444337774442. Therefore, predictive texting offers click economy and is good company for regular texters.

Some times, the word you want may not be displayed, in such a case you have to go through all predicted words to find the one you want. For example, to enter the word Fast, simply press 3278. However, you find out that instead of displaying Fast; Nokia 1200 displays East. To see other options press *. Press * just once to reveal Fast.

Once you see the word you entered, press space character (0 key).

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Sometimes the word you want may not be displayed because it is not in the dictionary, like short cuts, local names and so on, in such a case press Spell this will display a form for you to enter word in dictionary.

To deactivate dictionary T9 feature on Nokia 1200 follow the following steps:

  • Press Options soft key
  • Select Dictionary option
  • Highlight Dictionary off option
  • Press OK soft key

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