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Building Websites with Templates

Building Websites with Themes and Templates

Web templates and themes reduce the complexity of building websites. They may not be as simple as online website building tools that offer a simple point and drag interface, but they are definitely easier than creating websites from scratch. With basic or medium range knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript...
Facebook Page is not a Website substitute

Facebook Page is not a Website Substitute

With the popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram a lot of businesses are going social. Social media sites offer brand pages for businesses to promote their products and services. However, a brand page should not be seen as a substitute for a business website. Some businesses ignore...

Replacing Your Laptop with a Tablet

If you’re a busy, on-the-go worker, you may be lugging around a laptop and smartphone everywhere you go. While I can’t quite figure out how to eliminate the smartphone from your toolkit, I can suggest how you can replace your laptop with a tablet. Where to Buy Tablets Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦10,495.00 View...
Update your Business Website Regularly

Update your Website Regularly (A good Business Advice)

A website is as good as the relevance, accuracy, and the freshness of the content on it. Updating the information on a website is an important part of website management. An outdated business website will misinform potential customers and could have severe impact on your business. In fact, it is...
Website for Promoting your Business

Promoting your Business with your Website

A business website is a very important part of going online for any business. Your website should be the HQ of your online presence. It is on your website that you tell the world what you do and how they can access your products and services. To do this...
Website Builders

Best Website Builders – Create a Website in Minutes

Free website builders offer cheap solutions for creating websites, but like most things free there is always a catch or some form of limitation. To create a professional looking website it is not a bad idea to invest a little money on a premium website builder. In this article, we...
Website Builders

Free Website Builders – Create a Website in Minutes

You can create a website with a website building tool (a.k.a. website authoring tool or website builder). These tools remove most of the complexities involved in creating a website, reducing your learning curve for web designing. You do not need knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. All you need is...
Cost of Building a Website

Cost of Building and Designing a Website

Before building a website for your business, it is important to know the costs involved. This will ensure you budget adequately for the project. Some business owners think building a website is a one-off thing. You just build it and you go to sleep. However, there are fixed costs...
Designing Websites

How to Design a Website for your Business

Having seen good reasons why you need to build a website for your business. You may be wondering how it is done. There are different ways you could design a website for your business. One way is to employ a web designer to build your website for you. You can...
Update your Business Website Regularly

6 Reasons to Build a Website for your Business

Having a website is an important part of going online. A website makes your business visible to the growing number of consumers online. In case the article on the 5 benefits of a business website is not enough for you, here are more reasons why you need to build...

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