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Internet Safety Tips for 2023

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The internet is full of scams, fraud, and malicious software, ready to attack your electronic devices and computer. The bottom line is, you need to put proper safety measures in place to protect yourself from the increasing number of cybersecurity threats. Follow these basic internet safety tips in order to minimize chances of online attacks. You can also read our Internet Security tips for more ideas.

11 Top Internet Security Tips

1. Have a Good Password Policy

Take serious consideration in the passwords you use. Make sure to use good passwords for your email and other online accounts. Its also a good idea to change your passwords often. Don’t use popular passwords like 12345, abcd, etc.

Its not a good idea to share them with people, especially never by sending them over the internet. If you need to give someone your password for some reason, don’t send it via email or any online chat programs.

2. Keep your Work and Leisure Email Separate

Keep business separate from personal and leisure when it comes to email and everything else. Having 3 emails is a good idea. Have all business and financial things go to one, and all social network to the second and other personal things go to the third.

3. Set-up Two Factor Authentication

One of the most effective internet tips you can take advantage today is to setup two-factor authentication for any service you use that support. Two-factor authentication creates a second layer of security so that even if a hacker have your password, they will not be able to access your account.

Two-factor authentication can come in the form of a one time password sent to your phone via SMS or email which you must enter as an additional layer of security before you can login.

4. Scrutinize Attachment Before Opening them

Email Attachment is a very popular way that hackers use to infect your device. They attach a file infected with malware and when you attempt to download it, the malware infiltrates your device. This is why you should be very suspicious of email attachments. Make sure that the attached file is a valid file type like .doc, .docx, .pdf, .png, etc.

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5. Scrutinize Email Links Before Clicking on them

Links is another popular way hackers can infect your device using email. Before clicking on any link make sure you trust the destination. Beware of necked links that are embedded in an email to deceive you into clicking on a link that will infect your device. For example, you may see a link that says cnn.com, but internally points to a page infected with malware. Clicking such a link can infect your device.

One way to scrutinize a link when using a computer is to point (point, don’t click) on the link. This will reveal the internal URL confirming the link actually leads to a page on CNN. On mobile phones like android phones, just press and hold the link, internal URL will be revealed.

6. Do not use the same Password on all Services

Never use the same password for all services. Use your most secure password for your email and have different passwords for other services. This ensures that if one password is hacked, your entire online footprint are not accessible to the hackers.

Some services require your email and password for login, this means that if you use the same password for all services, your email is very vulnerable as well as your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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7. Shop only from Trusted Online Stores

Only purchase online from trusted websites. There are plenty of fake online shopping websites out there that have nothing more than a goal of getting your credit card information. Check for a physical address to be listed on the site somewhere and proper contact information.

Also, use a debit card when making purchases instead of a credit card. That way, the transaction is not directly tied to your bank account. Certain websites like Amazon, Jumia, and Konga are trusted for sure but also be on the lookout for copycat sites that are made to look like websites that you know and trust.

Look at the address bar where the URL of the site is and make sure it actually says the proper website URL in it.

8. Be careful Who you hangout with Online

Don’t accept friend requests from strangers on social networks. Often times, people will get a friend request from someone and accept it simply because another friend of theirs is friends with them.

If you don’t know the person, there’s really no reason to accept. Scammers create fake accounts on social networks just to reach people with their spam or advertising.

9. Regularly Update your Browser

Keep your browser up to date. Browsers are updated often when new security problems are found and fixed. If you don’t upgrade, you could be using an outdated browser that has known security issues that have been fixed in new versions.

10. Make Sure all your Software are up to date

Just like your browser, you should ensure that all your software is up to date. This is one of the most important internet safety tips to pay attention to. This is because an outdated software could be vulnerable to hacking. This can create a backdoor hackers to steal your personal data.

So, always make sure you update all installed software and consider turning on automatic update so you can have the latest versions once they become available.

11. Avoid Connecting to Unsecured Public Wi-Fi Network

Unsecured public Wi-Fi are a great utility because they are often free. However, they could also be setup by hackers in order to lure unsuspecting members of the public into connecting enabling them intercept traffic on the network. This can enable them steal personal information of anyone connected to the Wi-Fi network. Always be suspicious of unsecured public Wi-Fi and avoid them as much as you can. If you must use a unsecured public make sure it is for non-sensitive browsing like the one that does not require you logging in to a service.

12. Install an Antivirus Software

Use antivirus software and keep it up to date also. Antivirus programs like AVG have a good reputation. The virus database in these programs needs to be updated often.

This is basically a record of all known viruses. Keeping this updated allows the program to know about new viruses when they are released. Once you connect to the internet, the antivirus will update itself.

13. Install just the Software you need

Minimize the amount of programs you have installed. If you have unnecessary programs on your computer, get rid of them. They will only slow your system down and possibly cause vulnerabilities.

Internet Safety for Kids

A secure online environment for kids is crucial both at home and in educational institutions.

One of the most important internet safety tips is setting up parental controls on all the devices your child uses. This includes computers, tablets, and smartphones. Parental control apps can help filter and block inappropriate content, restrict access to certain websites, and limit the amount of time your children spend online.

While these tools are effective, they are not foolproof. Therefore, it’s essential to educate children on the importance of online safety.

Another key tip revolves around privacy settings. Teach your child not to share personal information online without your permission. This includes their name, address, school name, phone number or other identifying details. It is also advisable to check the privacy settings on any apps or games your child uses to ensure they are age-appropriate and that personal information is not being shared unknowingly.

One of the most effective internet safety tips involves open communication with your child about their internet use. Regularly talk with your child about what they do online, which websites they visit, who they interact with and how they feel about these interactions. This creates an opportunity to discuss potential risks and how to handle them. Encourage your child to approach you if they encounter something distressing online.

Lastly, teaching kids to treat others with respect online is key to fostering a safe online environment. Cyberbullying is a serious issue; instructing children on proper online etiquette can help prevent such harmful behavior. Moreover, educating them about the consequences of engaging in or being victims of cyberbullying can be an effective preventive measure.

Keeping these tips in mind will help keep you safe online and avoid as many cyber-attacks as possible. All of these tools and pieces of software to protect you are great, but the best tool is your own knowledge. Be smart when online and use caution when unsure of websites, downloads, or emails. Thinking smart and being cautions can prevent things that tools just can’t sometimes.

Why is Internet Security Important?

As the internet becomes increasingly becomes vital part of our culture, it opens a Pandora’s box of potential threats, including identity theft, cyberbullying, phishing scams, and exposure to inappropriate content. This underlines the importance of implementing internet safety tips and best practices secure yourself, your business, and your loved ones.

At a personal level, internet safety can protect sensitive information like bank details, social security numbers, and private communications from falling into the wrong hands. On a broader scale, it can shield businesses from costly data breaches and safeguard children from harmful online interactions.

Given these risks, adhering to internet safety tips such as using strong and unique passwords, updating software regularly, and scrutinizing email attachments before opening them is highly recommended.

As technology advances, so does the sophistication of cyber threats. Hence, staying informed about the latest internet safety tips and trends is crucial for maintaining online security.

This article is provided by TrainACE Computer Education. Check out the TrainACE CHFI certifications and certified ethical hacker certifications pages for info on learning about IT security, cyber security, and more.

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