Home eCommerce Amazon.com: Buy over 45 million products from Nigeria

Amazon.com: Buy over 45 million products from Nigeria

Amazon.com: Buy over 45 million products from Nigeria
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You can now buy over 45 million items from the Amazon.com online store and have them shipped to Nigeria. And I am not talking just books, am talking electronics, mobile phones, laptops, software, watches, fashion, baby and beauty products, amongst many other product categories. For best selling products on Amazon ordered from Nigeria, Click Here.

AmazonGlobal Convenient International Shopping

As of today (June 2019), every product that Amazon ships outside of the United States can be bought and shipped to Nigeria.

Nigeria is just one of 10 African countries currently serviced by the AmazonGlobal program in company of South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, Tanzania, Mauritius, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Egypt.

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Amazon makes it super easy to shop from Nigeria using their AmazonGlobal program, which estimates the custom duty of your order during checkout, so you pay the applicable fee via Amazon and the product delivered directly to your doorsteps with no hassle with Customs.

Easy International Online Shopping

A couple of years ago all you could buy from Amazon.com in Nigeria were books, DVDs, and CDs. However, with online shopping gradually becoming a global phenomenon and strong competition from Chinese offerings like AliExpress from AliBaba, Amazon is really making a push for global customers.

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Amazon have been shipping to Nigeria for years. At first it was just restricted to books, DVDs, and CDs, however products that you can ship to Nigeria has increased over the years.

I made my first purchase from Amazon.com back in 2011. I bought seven books on that order and they were all shipped to my address here in Nigeria directly.

Since then I have made many more orders of books as I have come to discover that Amazon has the best selection of books in the world.

However, it is not just books that I have bought from Amazon, since the AmazonGlobal program started I have bought other items like camera, water pumps, raincoats, phone screen replacement, and more.

To compete better Amazon has expanded its sales footprint to over 70 countries. This is still small compared to the footprint of AliExpress which ships to almost every country, but shopping on Amazon comes with some advantage.

The first is the quality of products. Amazon has a better control of its store, which makes sure the products on the store are usually of the best quality.

The second is the AmazonGlobal program, which makes international online shopping as easy and convenient as shopping from a domestic online store like Jumia or Konga.

With the AmazonGlobal program, the online store will estimate your custom duty during checkout and give you the option to pay upfront. If you do, Amazon will then authorise the courier to clear your order with customs at the port in Nigeria.

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That way your order will be delivered to your doorsteps just as if you ordered it within Nigeria.

Instead of getting a letter from customs or the courier company to come and clear the items you ordered yourself at the customs office, all the hassle will be handled by the courier and your order delivered to your doorsteps.

Amazon Global makes international online shopping a lot more convenient. You can now buy millions of products online from the United States and have them delivered to your doorstep here in Nigeria, just like you ordered it within the country. Learn More.

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