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Oppo A77

Oppo A77 Specs and Price

Oppo A77 is a midrange smartphone that has a fairly competent hardware while at the same time putting your love for taking pictures in...
Oppo A71

Oppo A71 Specs and Price

This is one smartphone for the mid range market by Oppo and it is named the Oppo A71 which has a fairly impressive specs...
Oppo F5 Youth

Oppo F5 Youth Specs and Price

A few weeks after the initial release of the Oppo F5 smartphone, a new variant which is the latest addition to the F-series of...
Oppo R11s Plus

Oppo R11s Plus Specs and Price

The Oppo R11s Plus comes as a big sibling to the R11s smartphone and an upgrade of the R11 Plus, packing a more robust...
Oppo R11s

Oppo R11s Specs and Price

The Oppo R11s is one of the recent upgrade to the R11 smartphone and is tagged as the iPhone X dub owing to some...
Homtom Zoji Z8 Smartphone

Homtom Zoji Z8 Specs and Price

Most rugged smartphones focuses on the durability than any other thing but the new Homtom Zoji Z8 merges durability with a decent spec sheet....
Homtom Zoji Z7

Homtom Zoji Z7 Specs and Price

This is an upgrade to the Homtom Zoji Z6 and comes with an improved design and  advanced specs sheet. The Homtom Zoji Z7 has...
Homtom Zoji Z6

Homtom Zoji Z6 Specs and Price

The Zoji series of smartphone is a line of rugged durable smartphones from Homtom which brings us to today's smartphone review, Homtom Zoji Z6....
Homtom HT37

Homtom HT37 Specs and Price

It happens sometimes that we just want a smartphone that does not cost much but still offers a number of features and handles basic...
Homtom HT50 Smartphone

Homtom HT50 Specs and Price

Its not everyday you see a low price smartphone with a large battery from Chinese OEMs, which is why the Homtom HT50 is one...