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Different Campaign Plans on Digital Marketing and SEO Process

An Overview of Internet Marketing in the Modern Context

Online marketing is widely accepted as the most affordable way to reach one's target market, no matter the size of your business. How exactly does it relate to today’s context? Also called online marketing, web marketing is the process of marketing products or services over the internet utilising tools that assist...
Make Money Blogging

5 Ways Blog Can Help Your Business

It is well proven that blogging is an essential part of business promotion these days. The process may appear critical, but once you start working in this direction, it is possible to achieve desired results in lesser time. No matter what kind of business you are running online, blogs can...
Getting Rid of Unknown Callers

5 Ways To Get Rid of Pesky Unknown Callers

Do you know the number one cause of credit card frauds? Pesky unknown calls from foreign countries by callers who are trying to steal your data. Everyone hates it when some random person calls us and tries to scam their way into you divulging our personal information but, what options...
Huawei Y9 (2019) vs Tecno Camon 11 Pro

Huawei Y9 (2019) vs Tecno Camon 11 Pro (Comparison)

On today's table of smartphone comparison are two 'midrangers' from two popular Chinese-based smartphone manufacturers, Huawei and Tecno Mobile. The Huawei Y9 (2019) was recently launched by Huawei as the successor to the Huawei Y9 (2018) it released earlier this year.  The Camon 11 Pro, on the other hand, is...
Printer buying guide

Understanding Wi-Fi Printers and Wireless Printers

The connectivity options of a printer are today one of the most important elements for choosing a model. Indeed, a printer must be as communicating as possible, to be put in relation with as many different devices as possible. For now, a simple PC is no longer the only medium...
Accounting System - Tax

Tax Return Software for Small Businesses

It is time-consuming and often difficult to file tax returns. To spend time running your business and allowing less time to go to filing tax returns it makes sense to use tax filing software programs. These are efficient and accurate tools to use. Here is a look at the best software...

Canon Powershot G7 X MARK II Specs and Price

Yes, DSLRs are good. In fact, to take professional photos or starting a professional photography journey, it is probably the best camera you should learn how to use. However, they get bulky and become too much to handle sometimes. Amateur or professional, there are times when you just need an...
How Commercial Espresso Machines Work

How does Commercial Espresso Machines Work?

An Espresso machine underneath all the fancy bells, whistles and chrome is like a forest of wires with metals and screws in it. The basic mechanism by which most machines brew an espresso is by forcing pressurized water near boiling point through a "puck" of ground coffee and a...
Promo Codes

Discount Code – A Blessing in Disguise

Whenever we hear this word ‘DISCOUNT,' our blood rushes in our veins, and we are above ninth cloud because it means we can avail certain pleasantries regarding our favorite brands at a more economical price range. With the increase in the price value, the discount codes are like rays of...
ASUS Zenfone Max Pro (M2)

ASUS Zenfone Max Pro (M2) Specs and Price

Budget smartphones have really been a tight category this year with a bunch decent devices from a number of OEMs. The ASUS Zenfone Max Pro (M2) is the follow up on the ASUS Zenfone Max Pro (M1) from earlier this year. However, things have only gotten better on the smartphone with...