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The 3 Hottest Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2021

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A couple of days ago, I started on the subject of digital marketing. There, you had the chance to get answers to some of the questions that bother people whenever digital marketing is mentioned.

While that might be enough to get you started, it is surely not enough to keep you going. That is why we are here today – to keep you going.

One of the things I mentioned in the previous post was how a business needs to change with time. You will be surprised that even when you have started digital marketing like I advised, you will still need to keep up with the new things happening in this scene.

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We have had some days in this year already, but we still have a long way to go. I would like you to use those to better your business, so here are the top digital marketing trends to look for this 2021.

1. Going Mobile

Smartphones will not replace laptops and desktops. At least, not in the nearest future. What smartphones will do, and are already doing, though, is offer to do some of the tasks you would have rather done on your computer.

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That, is one transformation that makes a very strong digital marketing trend to look forward to.

When structuring your campaigns this year, make sure you don’t only do what fits best on a laptop screen. Understand that many users are now consuming information on their mobile phones more than before. That means a good percentage of your audience is on mobile, so you want them to get the best experience too. Keep that in mind

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2. Personalisation

Gone are the days when general statements caught on well with the public. These days, a lot of your potential customers might not even read past the first line of your copy if it starts with something like “Hey there.”

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Instead, introduce some personalisation into your marketing. If you have their first name, address them by that. You are making a connection to the customer by being personal, not making them feel like the target of some randomly generated texts.

3. Social Messaging Integration

If you looked at the number of people that spend a good number of their time on social messaging apps, you will be astonished. Rather than staying astonished for long, which won’t help your business, incorporate the digital marketing trend into your business.

Make way for social media integration to allow customers/ people reach you much easier. These days, that is even simpler with major companies such as Facebook optimising its website for businesses, planning optimisations for the Messenger application and even going as far as launching a WhatsApp for Business app. What more can you ask for?


2021 is surely going to be a great year for businesses, but only those that are willing to put in the hard work will get all the benefits. While the year is still young, and you’ve got the time, why not start brainstorming how you will also structure your plans for conversion around these trends?

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