4 Content Marketing Trends that will Rule 2021

Content Marketing Industry Trends
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If you also read the last post which detailed the golden rules of content marketing, you would agree that the brands that were cited as examples could not have been better picked.

However, this is now about you. You will want to make the most of your content marketing so that your business does not get left out in this fast-paced century we are in.

How about we look at those content marketing trends that aim to shape the year 2021?

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1. Trans-creation, not Trans-lation

Big brands have headquarters in the very big countries and branches everywhere else. The headquarters is where all the fun happens, leaving the branches worldwide to play catch-up.

That used to be the norm with content marketing in these big businesses too, but the norm is changing. Simply put, what works in Europe would not necessarily work in Africa.

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We will use the instance above as a case study. When a material is created for the European market, it is not translated anymore. Marketers now know that this doesn’t make sense. Rather, they take the content that has been used in that part and create content for the local market based on the reasoning that informed the first.

Take the reasoning and run with it, not translate the content.

2. In influencers, we trust

The clamour for influencers is now on the rise. No, I am not saying that advertisement has lost its taste. What I am saying is that influencers are now a slightly effective way to target the local market/ specific demographic.

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What is now most intriguing is the kind of influencers marketers have now tended towards.

Instead of going to those with millions and millions of followers, marketers would rather go for those with thousands or a few hundreds. If you think about it, there is beauty behind the brains that informed that decision. Let me show you how:

  • Influencers with not-too-much volume of followers will accept not-so-much in terms of compensation
  • Since they have been able to build and keep such a fair follower base, it is sure most of them will be specific to a certain demographic
  • Following the point above, you can substitute that for targeted ads, and you already know who it is going to get to.

Genius, not?

3. Even More Content

Because, what is content marketing without content? Just marketing, and we are not dealing with that here.

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If you have been doing some writing before now, take a minute to look at all the stuff you’ve done. Look at how the ones with more words compare against those with lesser words. If you are like most marketers, you will see that the longer content got more impressions.

That is to say, the audience is now matured past the 500-word limit. They want more, and more should you give them.

4. Transparency

The average internet user is ‘fed’ with hundreds of ads daily. Speaking from a consumer’s point of view, that can be mentally draining. Afterall, all I want to do is enjoy some time on the internet. Why do I have to deal with a barrage of ads that might not even apply to me?

This thinking is why many users will skip a section of the internet when they notice it is about to promote branded content.

Brands, however, are not looking to remove the branding. They are working towards making their campaign strategies more transparent instead. That way, the customer can see them coming, knows when to see them coming and is tipped on what to expect. How better to connect with the audience on a personal level?


As the year starts to take shape, there is no doubt that digital marketing has come to stay. It thus takes only the best businesses – those who want to grow, and grow exponentially – to take these content marketing trends and turn them into gold.

Paschal Okafor is NaijaTechGuide Team Lead. The article 4 Content Marketing Trends that will Rule 2021 was written by O Christopher. The article was last modified: March 12th, 2021
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