Reverse Phone Lookup (In-depth Guide)

Reverse Phone Lookup services tells you who is calling
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With nearly 5 Billion (approx.) mobile phone users in the world, it is difficult to identify an unknown user getting in touch with you via cell phones or text messages. Searching that phone number on a telephone directory can be a very cumbersome job and while looking for a phone number on Caller ID, you often wonder who’s number it is? From where is the user calling from? The curiosity of knowing this information is usually there.

Not to worry, now you can find out the person’s name and address with the help of reverse phone lookup services or reverse phone directories available on the Web and even on your mobile phones for free.

Reverse phone lookup services are provided by many online sites and Software. It makes finding a person through their phone number very easy. It is readily available for customers that receive irritating and unwanted phone calls and the only piece of information that is available is the nuisance phone number.

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According to Kaushal from TechWhoop, nowadays reverse phone lookup is not only used to locate/gather information of local numbers but can also identify international-based phone numbers.

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Focusing on the topic, first, we need to know the advantages and disadvantages of reverse phone lookup services. The advantages and disadvantages of Reverse Phone Lookup Services are as follows:

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Advantages of Reverse Phone Lookup Services:

  1. Ease of tracking the identity of a phone number used.
  2. Almost NIL cost.
  3. Fast working on the information of the unknown user.
  4. Free blocking of unwanted phone numbers.
  5. Time-saving job.
  6. Easily available services.

Disadvantages of Reverse Phone Lookup Services:

  1. Ease of tracking the identity of a person’s phone number
  2. Fraud and Scamming can be easily done.
  3. Illegal use of phone numbers.
  4. No privacy for your phone number.

How does Reverse Phone Lookup Service work?

It is very easy to understand the working and use of reverse phone lookup services and in order to use reverse phone lookup services, you need to follow the steps below:

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  1. Open a Reverse Phone Lookup Service software (like Truecaller, Reverse Phone Lookup, etc.) or check online for many free services.
  2. Move to the “Search” option.
  3. Type the phone number in the search option tab.
  4. Press ok.
  5. Now the service provider will look into its database for the number and will show the details of the user on the screen.
  6. If you haven’t recognized the person, you can also make it as spam and can also block it.

You might be curious about the free services that are being provided for the reverse phone lookup services. So here’s a comprehensive list of such services.

List of Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Although there are a bundle of free services available on the internet, Apple app store and Google Play store, here are the top apps/website that has the maximum database of caller IDs:

1. Truecaller:

With a total of 3 billion phone numbers in its database, Truecaller is the top most choice for any Reverse Phone Lookup Service User. It is a free, fast and trustworthy app. It works on both websites and as the app for Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry etc.

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It will also ask you to sign up with your details if you are using it on your mobile sets. Thus it is updating its database with every sign-up. You can also make a phone number as SPAM or can block an unwanted person. It also gives you the location of the person calling or messaging on you.

2. Reverse Phone Lookup:

This is a website of a database of 10,000,000+ phone numbers and has been on the top notch of users. It gives you the details of an unknown user like User’s name, email address, social accounts, criminal records etc. Thus helping you to identify a person with their full records.

3. TrueDialer:

It is a similar app like “Truecaller” but only available in android and windows. It has a database of 2 billion contacts and T9 search for fastest access to contacts. Through this app, you can also make emergency calls also. You need not pay for blocking a phone number and can easily block it using this app.

4. Spy Dialer:

This website is totally free and provides 100% accurate results on the search for phone numbers. It also gives free people search, address search, email search. It is a legal and free website and helps you to find the person with ease.

5. Caller ID Reference:

It’s mainly an apple app store application, providing free service to Apple customers with accurate results on phone number searches. This app is linked with maps and will tell you the exact location of the phone number user you have been searching for.

6. Cell Revealer:

This website will give you the full detail of the owner of the phone number that is being searched, like Owner’s Full Name, Owner’s Address History, Arrests & Warrants, Court Records, Age and Date of Birth, Relatives, and Associates. It is a good website to get your reverse phone lookup.

For now, this is how you will find a person trying to contact you on your cell phone or landline.

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