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Important Considerations When Buying a Used MacBook

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Purchasing a second-hand MacBook is something different to buying a second hand Windows PC.

Although Windows-based PCs and laptops are refreshable, MacBooks firmly built and are advanced machines that don’t require regular refreshing.

In this post, you will learn some of the considerations when you are purchasing a used MacBook. Find more information from Tech.trade if you are selling a MacBook

Examine the Hardware Physically

Apple Computer
Although today you can anything online from eBay or Craigslist, it is recommended to check on the condition of the MacBook physically.

There other things which are difficult to examine when you are viewing the machine in pictures or videos. If you can be able to hold by hand try to flap it and then open it. This will enable you to know if the hinges are not tightened on the MacBook.

Remember when you purchase it with the loose hinges; you will have to take it to a technician for repair for replacement of the hinges which is an additional cost.

Additionally, when examining the MacBook physically, you will have an opportunity to check its external ports. Try to test each port to ensure it is functional and no port is filled with dirt.

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As you examine the ports, ensure to pay attention to any damage on the surface of the MacBook. Minor damages that are caused by wear and tear are understandable, but when the damage is large it could have affected also the inner parts of the MacBook.

Test the Keyboard

To check the keyboard if it is fully functional, you can try typing a document and ensure to test all the characters to make sure that it is working properly.

You can as well run the system’s keyboard viewer panel to ascertain whether each key-press displays on the screen.

Head to the trackpad

Apple Desktop
The third step is to check the trackpad. Ensure it produces a good click when depressed and also ensure the trackpad works smoothly. After a long period of use, trackpads can wear out making it produce clicks anyhow which can make it to frequently select things or click buttons.

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Apple has designed its products especially MacBooks with glass-made trackpads which are not easily broken. However, they can sometimes crack and you might not notice the crack, therefore, ensure to examine the edges and corners of the trackpad carefully.

Check the Serial Number of the MacBook

Laptop and Tablet
Apple’s MacBooks are stylish and they are attractive on the surface. While you might be tempted by its look, the serial number is also a crucial factor to put in mind when purchasing a used MacBook.

Examining its serial number is significant. You can find the serial number on the bottom of the machine close to its hinge.

Check, to see whether the serial number on the surface of the MacBook is the same as the one on the software of the machine. To see the serial number in the software, you need to switch on the MacBook and click on “About this Mac”. Check the last field which is the serial number.

Ensure there is no difference on the serial number on the surface of the MacBook and the one on the software.

The MacBook’s serial number is also helpful in case you want to track the service together with the Macs warrant details that you want to buy.

Check the Battery Condition

If you thought you are through with examining your Mack before buying then you are wrong. This is another crucial factor that once you overlook, it will take you back to the shops to replace your battery. You must dig in a little before you accept the deal. Remember replacing a battery is a costly affair.

To know if the battery is healthy, head to your MacBooks Applications settings and click Utilities, go to System information and click Power. Under the Health Information check the battery condition together with cycle count.

Here, ensure there is enough cycle count on the device and the status reads Normal,

Inquire for Proof of Purchase

In today’s era where the world is filled with people of different types and thinking, there are more corn artists who are willing to pocket your hard earned money and leave you in troubles.

Buying something, especially electronic devices without proof of purchase can land you in jail. You are not sure whether the person selling the used Mack is the genuine owner but with a written document that is clearly indicating he is the real owner can be helpful in the process.

If the person bought it online, they must have a copy of the receipt that was issued when purchasing the MacBook, on their account.

Examine the MacBook Camera

Macbook Computer
You want to be sure that what you are buying is worth your money, therefore, don’t get tired, ensure to dig deep on every aspect of the MacBook so that no stone is left unturned and that when you receive the machine, it will be helpful to you and not become an expense for nothing.

To check the condition of the MacBook, you can launch the Photobooth on the machine. Also, you can use the Facetime app to test the functionality of the camera. If the machine returns a message saying “There is no connected camera” there could be problems with the camera unit and you might be required to explore further.

Do a Sound / Audio Check

Still, on the Hardware, you should check the sound of the MacBook. This is also an important factor that is worth examining.

Ensure both the internal speakers and the headphone port of the machine are fully functional. Connect a set of headphones and do a sound check to make sure the ports are working well.

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