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10 Benefits of Call Tracking to your Business

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Before we look at the major and important benefits of Call Tracking first let us learn why call tracking is important for our business, how does it works and what should we need to check before choosing call tracking for business.

Over 70% of the world’s population are using mobile phones and the draft has no sign of decreasing and it is expected to increase to over 90% by 2024. Mobile has become the easy and quickest way to reach people. The calls from mobile devices are growing faster than ever. Phone calls has become the an effective way of communication.

Customer service becomes the reliability for business development. Reaching the customer through phone calls and satisfying their needs is an important factor to sustain the success of a business in a long run. If you are a person who is responsible for your company’s customer care you must know about what calls mean to your business.

Phone calls are important tools for business nowadays, with loads of decisions being made through phone calls. So call tracking should be an integral part of your business marketing that helps you to fetch better marketing information decisions.

Call tracking is really important for the business that reaches personally to people like home
services, medicals.

How does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking helps you to assign different phone number as if the calls were made directly to the line to each of your marketing campaigns. When the assigned or tracked phone number is called, the call tracking software forwards the call to the business phone of your marketing team with insight about the campaign whose tracked number was called.

By using call tracking we can find out which of our marketing strategies are most successful and effective and which is not successful by observing the phone traffic.

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Analytic Call Tracking is a great software that helps you to easily host your own Call Tracking Service.

Important components we should look before choosing the call tracking for our business:

You should look for an operator that provides reasonable pricing for a service that is easy to handle. Integrations of the Call Tracking benefits tracking system should be able to integrate other platforms like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics.

Other than value and integrations the call tracking should be responsive. That should ensure the provider offer 24/7 customer care services and helps the supporter.


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Ten Major Benefits Of Call Tracking:

1. Numbers of Calls

You get a detailed report of the number of received calls with the help of phone traffic along with patterns and trends associated with receiving calls.

2. Call Duration

A good software will provide you with a detailed report on call duration. This will enable you see which campaigned are bringing in the clients with longer call duration or more quality conversations.

3. Time and Location

With call tracking you can find out the time of day (AM/PM) when a call was made. You can also discover which location produces the most Call Tracking benefits and the largest percentage of conversation and leads.

Having a detailed report on time and location will be important if you are trying to increase your budget for PPC campaigns.

4. Discover your Hard Working Employees

Employees are the strong pillars of every business. With the help of call tracking, you can estimate the performance of your marketing team. You can find our which employee in the marketing team deliver the most leads and who gets the best results in terms of number of calls made and leads delivered.

With this data, we can see the quality of marketing team and guide them to give a hundred percent quality service possible to the customers. It helps to strengthen overall customer satisfaction.

5. To improve Call Forwarding

With the help of call tracking, you can quickly forward a call to the right and proper staff member to save a sale which could be lost due to the caller becoming impatience by not being able to quickly speak to the right person.

The call tracking software can be setup in such a way that the a call to a campaign is forwarded to a designated staff in the most relevant department you provide the best experience for the prospect and increase the chances of a conversion.

6. To Correct and Develop our SEO efforts

By the use of call tracking, you can also develop your search engine optimization as well. This helps to refine SEO and concentrate on the keywords to collect information on your pay per click marketing and which keyword is actually attracting customers.

A good software will show you what keywords the prospect searched before they found the number they called. This in combination with other insights provided will enable you identify the SEO efforts that are bringing in the best results.

7. Conversions

This helps to track the budget spent on your marketing by tracking the number of conversions you received from each marketing campaign. This helps you to reduce the loss of investment. You can also optimize for better results.

8. Determine important Call hours

Call tracking helps you record the exact time of calls were received. With the help of this report, you can begin to see patterns and trends. This could help you determine which days or times of the day your business receives the most calls.

With this information, you can plan on how to allocate adequate resources to effectively and satisfactorily handle the demand. You can determine working hours where we can assign the most skillful employees and guide our own team with insights from the report.

9. Compare Different Advertising Channels and Landing Pages

With a good call tracking software, you can assign different numbers to different advertising channels and different landing pages. This will enable determine which advertising channels and landing pages deliver the most calls.

The report will also provide insights on which advertising channels or landing pages deliver the best conversion rate.

10. Call Recording

A call tracking software will enable you record the calls. This will enable you identify the most common issues your customers are having and work on managing it.

You can also observe patterns on how your most successful marketing team member close sale or your most successful customer service team members handle customer issues and use that the build company-wide processes that can result in a better experience for your customers.

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Hope you understand now the importance of Call Tracking for your business. It’s quite crucial for increasing your revenue.

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