4 Ways a Digital TV Antenna can Change your Viewing Experience

Watching Digital TV can be great
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Most Aussie homeowners have already shifted to digital TVs. Because with the right digital TV antenna, you can enjoy high definition picture and sound quality without a monthly fee.

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So if you still haven’t made the shift, here are four compelling reasons to invest in digital TV and antenna today.

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1. You will discover new Local Channels

Did you know that broadcast stations are offering more than one sub-channel? If you have been subscribing to cable and satellite providers, you probably are not aware of such.

A broadcast station will send out a signal on a frequency and this is referred to as “channel.” This will offer lots of “sub-channels” that contain different programming.

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Channel 6, for instance, will have a sub-channel group. If you are using a digital antenna, this will appear on your television as 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, and so on.

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Every channel can simultaneously broadcast additional programming on different sub-channels. These will include public television channels, all-weather stations, and Retro TV Network.

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With a digital TV antenna, you can watch channels that are not provided by satellites and cables.

2. You get to enjoy free over-the-air (OTA) TV

By default, digital TV antennas will help save you money because they receive free TV. Unlike satellite or cable subscriptions wherein you must pay bills on a monthly basis to watch your favourite show, broadcast stations are free.

Most major networks are actually transmitting signals that your antenna can convert into sounds and pictures. Remember that advertisers are the ones who pay broadcast networks. Since you are a subscriber, you won’t be paying any. With an antenna, you can watch local news, sports, kids’ shows, cooking shows, lots of movies, and weather stations for free. Your only expense is the digital TV antenna itself and its installation.

3. You will receive Superb Picture and Sound Quality

In most industries, free products and services can seem too good to be true, but this is not the case with free TV through the use of a digital TV antenna. The quality of both picture and sound is superb as compared to satellite and cable.

The reason behind this is that OTA broadcasts don’t suffer from signal compressions that satellite and cable often use. As such, you will end up enjoying a high definition viewing experience.

4. The Digital Antenna complements a Satellite or Cable Subscription

You may have already experienced satellite or cable blackouts before, especially during bad weather and emergencies. In such circumstances, a digital TV antenna would prove to be beneficial.

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It receives OTA signals so you can still be well-informed about what is happening in your neighbourhood or region. The frequency is far more reliable because it is not as prone to interruption, like a radio.

However, you can only experience a superb, free OTA viewing experience during emergencies if the right antenna has been professionally installed.

Antennas are available in different sizes and shapes – each was designed for a particular situation. Some are multidirectional while some are narrow-focused.

Also, there are those that are tuned for certain geographical challenges and frequency ranges to ensure success. If you are unsure about which digital TV antenna to buy, make sure to get expert help.

After buying the right antenna, you should let a professional install it. You may plan on installing the antenna yourself to save money, but it is highly recommended that you let a professional installer set it up instead, unless you have the proper knowledge and skill.

Antenna experts know how to set up your antenna so you can get the most out of it. For instance, they know exactly where to position the digital TV antenna on your roof and how high it should be.

And since a “line of sight” signal is involved, any obstruction should be eliminated to enjoy a better reception. These may entail pruning high trees and trimming the hedges.


Moreover, digital TV antenna experts offer repair and maintenance services should you need one in the future. They are well-equipped to remedy situations like poor reception. In fact, they can even help you set up your home theatre.


Your antenna will only perform at its optimal level when there is a clear view of the broadcast towers. Hiring professionals to install your digital TV antenna may translate to an added expense, but this is nothing compared to the HDTV viewing experience you will enjoy for free.

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