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How to Buy an Air Compressor

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Are you looking for an air compressor in the market? Are you having a hard time choosing among the many choices that you have? Does researching make you feel more confused than when you started looking for a unit? Do you feel like the more you look around, the more that it doesn’t make any sense to you?

Air compressors have become an integral part of our lives whether we realize it or not. When you take your car in for tires, they use an air compressor to drive the impact wrenches that remove the lug nuts as well as fill the tires with air. Without an air compressor, we would not be able to drive around because our tires would be flat.

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It used to be that only mechanics and shops could afford an air compressor system. Today, you can buy many different types of portable air compressors that you can use around the home or even take with you on trips since they can be either charged or powered from a car lighter.

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Air compressors are used for a variety of things from home household use to industrial processes that power automated machinery. In industrial settings, they systems usually are oil less air systems since circulating oil through the machinery can cause adverse problems for what the machine is intended to do.

For home use, you can get the smaller portable units that are used mainly for inflating stuff, or you can get a bigger system that has a tank on it which will hold more air and allow you to power tools or other pieces of equipment in the garage. Air powered tools work more efficiently and are more durable than most of their electrical counter parts.

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We’ll take a look at all types of air compressors on this site and provide you with information from user reviews of different compressors so you can form an opinion as to which compressor you want to purchase. We also provide you convenient links to buy air compressors from online vendors or from the latest online auctions.

That’s ok. It happens. Especially to those who don’t really know what to look for, chances are, whatever you learn from each unit you try to read about, would only make you less capable of making a sound choice.

Which is why we have put together a few things that you need to remember when searching among the endless list of the best air compressors out there. Here are just a few things that you need to take note of when doing your research:

Check on the Horsepower:

The best air compressors are the most powerful ones, meaning they have to have high horsepower ratings.

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Check on its CFM rating:

CFM means cubic-feet-per-minute. This is the airflow that is given by an air compressor and is very important with regard to choosing for one that would work with the tool (or tools) you will be using. It is better to pick one that would exceed your tool’s requirements of about forty percent.

Oil-free or Oil-Lubricated?

Oil-lubricated models tend to be a lot quieter in operation and have a longer life span than its oil-free counterparts. However, it could become messy especially if you’re trying to do a paint job as it can also release oil via the hose through a mist. Oil-free compressors are practically maintenance free.

Electric or Gasoline?

It would be so much easier to work using an electric air compressor. But if you’ll be working on a site wherein electricity is going to be a challenge, go for the gasoline type.


If you’re after an air compressor’s capacity, then you may have to get a stationary air compressor with a larger tank (ten gallons or more), but if you would like to have one which would be easy to lug around, with wheels and a handle to boot, get a portable air compressor as it can make your job a whole lot easier.

These are just some of the things that you need to take note of when looking for the best air compressor. Do yourself a favor and follow these tips, it can speed things up for you a whole lot. Good luck!

So, whether you’re looking for a home Black & Decker portable compressor or a Senco, Dewalt Campbell, Makita, and other brands of tank compressors, we’ve got them all and you can save a bundle on how much they will cost you over buying them in the local hardware store.

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