Reasons to Automate your HR Department Now

Reasons to Automate Your HR Department Now
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Human resources department plays a very huge role for the success of your company. The human resources personnel help engage them people that make the face of your business – the employees.

It is the HR staff that hires the right candidate. It is the same team that helps track time, measure employee performance, prepare payroll, among other issues. Some of these activities are time consuming yet highly repetitive. That is where the use of HR software to automate the processes becomes very important.

Whether you are small, medium or large enterprise, automating your HR can help you save money and time that can be channeled in other activities.

What are some of benefits of automating your HR department?

Gives a better First Impression of your Organization

Most employees decide whether to stay or not in your organization within the first 90 days. In Fortune 500 companies, about half of new hires quit their jobs in less than 2 years.

While onboarding your new employees help ensure minimal attrition, there is still a lot of work that goes into it. You have a do a lot of forms, salary contracts, induction programs, new hire training and IT system allocations.

Thanks to HR software, it becomes easier to restructure your workflow such that it automatically triggers multiple actions. For example, using the automation software, you can easily send out requests hours logged, ID cards or anything that you would need.

For purposes of payroll processing, you can also offer a secure access where your employee can directly enter or edit their personal information. As a result, it helps streamline the onboarding process. It also helps cut down on the time taken to induct new employees into the company.

Helps Organizations reduce the Time Spent Tracking Time

A average manager spends around 15 hours a month sorting out employee timesheets. If your HR personnel spent a big chunk of their time looking through files, emails or time-log spreadsheets, you might end up achieving nothing at the end of the day.

Investing in HR automation tools helps organizations track and calculate the employee time. It also helps send the reports through approvals and finally ending it for payroll processing or billing. Thanks to the increased sophistication of technology, it has now become possible for HR department to do it in real-time. This can be achieved through configuring multi-level approvals. That way, you do not just save time, but you also become more productive.

Make Time-off requests Quick and Easy

There are some organizations that still play slaves to the status quo. They still manage their leave requests through traditional means. That is through – word of mouth, emails, and at times, they might use sticky notes. That challenge comes in when the managerial hierarchy demands approval at multiple.

That simply means that there are HR who would be left out from the application and approval of the emails. The caveat here is – the entire process might consume a lot of time. Besides, it comes with a lot of untraceable approvals and requests.

Investing in HR software can help you a great deal. That is why  a large chunk of global workforce would go for automated time-offs. That way, updating employee records becomes easier and more efficient. Besides, you can manage the entire process through use of mobile HR. That way, it becomes easier to log time or perform other HR activities while on the go.

HR Software helps Empower your Employees

We all have different needs and requirements – and so are your employees. There are also those that travel frequently and have to submit their travel requests and expenses. They also have to submit reports after every undertaking.

There are those that will prefer contacting the HR department to get their professional and personal information updated in the organizational database. Besides, the more the company grows, the more the number of employees that would want to get assistance from the HR department.

The truth is, it is not easy to manage hundreds and a retinue of requests that might be directed to the HR.  That is why investing in modern HR software that helps employees manage the system by themselves is very necessary. For example, what happens when an employee applies for an internal training directly on the HR system?

The HR department will create a workflow that would automatically post the training details to the employee record. At the end of the day, the employee gets empowered while the burden is taken off the shoulders of the HR department.

Makes interaction with third-party systems easier

For you to achieve reliable third-party integration, you need to invest in automation software. The Application Programming Interface (APIs) and Webhooks make exchange of information and communication easier with any third party application. If you are travelling, you will submit travel expense report to the HR department. Once it is approved, an instant notification will be sent to the HR accounting software to process the reimbursement.

Summing it up

HR department is very crucial for smooth running of your organization. For your organization to be more productive, you need to cut the amount of time that goes into executing repetitive tasks. Investing in HR software helps automate the tasks, save time and increase general productivity of the HR department.

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