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Best Free Netflix Alternatives

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Right now, Netflix is the number one go-to platform for most people who prefer watching shows online. They have probably the biggest library of videos ranging from TV shows to movies and documentaries. If you are looking for a great video selection that will be worth your money, the Netflix service is the top choice.

But what if you just cannot afford the $10 monthly charge? Can you still enjoy Netflix? Why, of course, you can. Well, close enough. We will give you some Netflix alternatives that offer free video streaming of your favorite shows.

You should know well enough that Netflix is not the only service that delivers great and quality video streaming online. There are hundreds and even thousands out there waiting to be discovered. You just have to be a little adventurous sometimes.

But being a bit adventurous online can lead to risks and troubles. So we are to help you find those great video streaming sites without the need for those risks. We will a few of the best and readily available sites with some good reviews to boot with. Let’s start.

Best Free Netflix Alternatives



The Showbox app is definitely the number one alternative for Netflix. And there are so many reasons why this is the case. Let me enumerate the reasons why.

  • Showbox is free to download.
  • The app is free to install and use.
  • No need to subscribe to any newsletter or services. You do not even need to register the app. Just install, launch and watch all you want.
  • Huge library of video files and streaming sources.
  • Unlimited hours of watching any shows available in the app’s library.
  • Free to download any videos that you watch. No need to install extra add-on apps or fee. Download within the app with a tap of a button.
  • Videos are available in HD quality up to 4K (depends on the video source and device compatibility).
  • User-friendly GUI.
  • Arrange videos according to dates, size, and ratings for easier navigation.
  • Small in size.



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The YouTube platform may not have the latest library of available movies available online, but they do have millions in other categories.

Find videos from documentaries, tutorials, product reviews, short movies, and vlogging-type clips. If you are tired of watching movies and want to consume other genres, the YouTube site is perhaps unrivaled in that category.

They have millions if not yet billions of videos from different people around the world. And they are all for you for free without having to spend a dime.


The Mobdro app is another free video streaming app that you should give consideration. It is similar to Netflix but free.

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The Mobdro also uses links and URL from other online video streaming sites so you will most likely be getting some of the latest videos too. The Mobdro library may not be as huge as that of Netflix, but it is vast enough to make your eyes water with delight.

Although the Mobdro app is free to use, it has some extra perks that are available when you go premium. For $3 per year subscription, you will remove any ads, be able to download any videos, and you will have support for the Chromecast device.

But if you just want the free version, the library of videos is still yours to consume without limits. Just bear with the random ads popping below the screen. It’s a small price for all those unlimited videos that you may enjoy within the app. Hey, the developers need to eat too.


The Vidmate app is like the all-in-one app for all the free video streaming sites out there. The app includes videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and Vine. Those are just a few of the thousands of sites that Vidmate gets their content for the app.

The app also allows video downloading within the app without the need for extra add-ons. And yes, Vidmate delivers all of the video content within the app for free.

Enjoy thousands of TV shows and movies until you fall asleep or go insomniac. That is because the best things in life are free. So why not enjoy free stuff if it is readily available for us anytime and anywhere.


If you are into indie films that tackle to a different and unique type of story-telling the Crackle might just be the one for you. Sony owns the platform and app so you can be sure that the site is legit and safe to visit.

The Crackle is considered the free version of Netflix but on a minimal level. It does not have the best and the latest videos available online, but it has enough to keep you entertained.

If you are open to this kind of content, give them a visit. You might be treated to a lot of great content and be surprised that this has just come into your radar.

In Conclusion:

These are just five of the best free Netflix alternative that you can find online. If you want more, just tell us in the comment section, and we will make another list for you to explore and enjoy.

In today’s topic, which of these apps or sites that you have already tried and tested? What are your experiences using the platform? Tell us what you think in the comment section as we will be interested in learning about an individual’s point of view.

If you think you have a useful question related to this topic, feel free to share your thoughts down below. We will try to respond to them as soon as we can.

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