Want Success in IT Companies, Start with an ITIL Certification

ITIL Certification
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ITIL is a non-proprietary framework which provides IT services to IT companies. Its systematic approach with ITSM (Infomation Technology Service Management) helps businesses in various ways like managing risk, cost-effective practices, strengthening customer relations, and offering a stable IT environment. The combined improvement of all these factors will help in business growth.

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is also responsible for providing the framework that is efficient in identifying, supporting, planning and delivering various IT Services. Furthermore, all organisations and businesses use these services in their environment.

By using ITIL practices, an organisation can bring efficiency in identifying areas that require improvement and transformation. It also identifies the area of change that helps in increasing productivity and reducing costs.

How does ITIL certification work?

Before learning the various success factors that come with getting an ITIL certification in IT companies, it is necessary for you to understand ITIL certification really means.

ITIL certification is one of the topmost IT Certification because of its best practice methodologies.

In case, you want ITIL certification, then you have to pursue ITIL training. In the ITIL qualification scheme, there are five levels of qualification. These qualification levels are:

  • Foundation level: This level of qualification provides you with the general information related to ITIL service life cycles like all terminologies, elements and concepts.
  • Practitioner level: After you attain specified credits and complete the foundation level, then only you can move to practitioner level. This level helps you in improving the individual ability to adapt ITIL in business.
  • Intermediate level: At this level, qualification works in the modular structure, each module of this level has a different focus on IT service management. You can access this level only when you complete the above two levels.
  • Expert level: This level holds most importance in ITIL certification because this level focuses only on those who aim to demonstrate their ITIL knowledge in an organisation.
  • Master level: At the master level, you have to design one or more practical assignment. In these assignments, you have to justify various ITIL methods, principles and techniques that you applied personally to achieve desired business outcomes.

Concepts of ITIL that are helpful in IT Companies

  • ITIL is different from Project Management:

One thing that you need to understand that there is a vast difference between project management and the IT Infrastructure Library.

ITIL delivers the best IT services practice to their clients. However, project management entirely focuses on the customer expectations, need of the stakeholders and the project itself. By this, you can conclude that ITIL and PM have individual roles in the IT companies.

  • All Level Employees are suitable for ITIL:

ITIL is not only for top management people like leaders and managers. However, it is also beneficial for the other associated entities like the customers, IT professionals and employees. ITIL  training makes the employees more productive and efficient in various operations.

  • Anywhere Study Facility:

ITIL Training courses are not limited to the classroom only; there’re e-learning courses that are available online. The e-learning courses for ITIL allow you to study and learn on your own and at your own pace. Once you complete the e-learning course, you will get certified anywhere at any time.

  • Stages in ITIL Implementation:

Many companies introduce ITIL, and some of them provide phases in ITIL for a certain period. By this, the organisation can adapt the process like the business type. Also, no rules are there for the company regarding the absorption of the entire ITIL model.

  • Improvement in Communication using ITIL:

ITIL is proven as a real help to improve communication within companies. The ITIL framework inspires businesses to utilise the circular process.

By using the circular method, ITIL ensures that the business will understand all the IT system. Every employee is involved in creating smooth communication. Smooth communication will help employees to get informed regarding the work.

ITIL certification is one of the exceptional ways to deliver capable IT staff. It also helps in building a workable framework for ITSM.

As a professional, if you want to learn the ITIL framework, then it is a must for you to complete the five level of ITIL certification. It is worth getting certified only when you have the understanding of your IT related work. It is necessary that you must apply your attained knowledge in practice, then only will you learn.

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