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Do you want to use multiple WhatsApp accounts? Or you want to contact somebody abroad free of cost? Or want some info from an encrypted site? Well, these are some situations geeks face regularly. Hence, they came up with a solution known as “Temporary Phone Numbers”. With this phone number, you can send and receive SMS online for free.

As the name itself describes that the temporary numbers are made just for temporary usage. After a certain period of time, they get disposed of. Or as soon as your job gets done, you can release the number.

After that, you can always opt for a new temporary phone number. This post will walk you through the concept of temporary phone numbers and how to use them to send and receive SMS online for free.

Benefits of using a Temporary Phone Number

The temporary phone numbers can be registered with ease from FreePhoneNum. They have tons and tons of temporary phone numbers for our use, that too free of cost.

Instead of using a permanent phone number, there are lots of benefits of using a temporary phone number. Just select the country code, type in the message and you are done.

Though there are tons of benefits of using such numbers, let us glance at some of the most popular ones:

1. Privacy Protection:

The temporary phone numbers will help you to send and receive SMS online privately. When sending an SMS with a temporary phone number, are not worried about privacy. None of your personal details like Name, Phone Number, Sender Address, etc. are shared with the recipient.

Also, even if the recipient wants to reply to the SMS, he/she won’t be able to reply after a certain period of time. Thus, the temporary phone numbers are completely secured and safe to use.

2. Less Spam:

There are tons of websites that provide you services and info on the basis of registration. You first need to get your phone number verified.

Once you have verified your phone number, only then will you be able to access the services and stuff. These companies share your details with marketing firms for some bucks. Thus, sharing your number results in spam messages.

But that’s not the case with temporary phone numbers. Once your job is done, you can leave the number forever. Also, even if you don’t release the number, they get automatically disposed of.

3. No Registration Required:

Getting the temporary phone numbers don’t require any registration. You just need to provide the recipient’s phone number along with the text message and country code.

Thus, you can use these numbers without getting tracked. Nobody will ever get to know that a specific message was sent by your number.

4. No Physical SIM Card Needed:

Being a virtual phone number, there’s no need to get a physical SIM Card. These numbers are allotted virtually via a server operated website.

Thus, you just need to choose the number you wish to use and boom! Select the number of your choice from the site and proceed with the flow to get your work done.

5. Unlimited Numbers:

There are situations when you need to register on a site or app for more than a time. The most obvious reason for this is that you want some unlimited benefits from the app as a new customer. The new user plans could be best looted using these temporary phone numbers.

Unlike any other phone number that you get from some retailer, these phone numbers are available in infinite quantity. There’s no limit to choose and use the temporary phone numbers. Once your current number gets disposed of, you can always opt for a new number. Thus, you can send and receive SMS online with no limits for either send or receiving.

Final Verdict:

Well, using a temporary phone number will get you tons and tons of benefits. These were just a few benefits of using such numbers. What are your favorite places to use such numbers?

Have you ever send bulk SMS using different phone numbers? Feel free to share all your suggestions, feedback and queries in the comment section below. We will try to respond you as soon as possible

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