Best Apps to Track your Sleeping Schedule

sleeping track apps
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Sleeping is a way we relax and regain our energy. Sometimes sleeping too much can be bad. Sleeping relaxes our body and mind, but sleeping more than regular can cause problems to both health and career. Improving your Sleeping habit may increase your fitness.

We usually set up alarm clocks to wake us up at our desired time, but it is difficult to track down your Sleeping Duration. In this technologically advanced world, there is an easy solution for everything.

We now have devices and apps for tracking our health and steps, so it is not farfetched that we now also apps that can track our sleeping habits.

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Not just alarm clocks, one needs proper mattress too for a healthy sleep. Just to help you out, you can checkout this mattress review site that will provide you the best mattress according to your comfort

Some of these apps even use the help of health tracker to get your Sleeping Schedule accurately.

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These apps give the result of your Sleeping habits by tracking down your phone use habits, use of alarm clocks and even checking the algorithm of your default schedule which your smartphone tracks on various other fitness activities to give better recommendations.

You do not only need to eat healthy, you also need a good night sleep to stay healthy. So, we have sorted out and listed a few of the apps among millions of apps out on the market for you.

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You can try these apps and improve your daily habits and maintain your fitness.

Here are the Best Sleep Tracking Apps listed below:

1. Alarm Clock Extreme:

Alarm Clock Extreme

Alarm Clock Extreme is an alarm clock app, but also has a feature to track your Sleeping habits.

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This app will track down your wake up time along with your Sleeping time to recommend you ways to improve your Sleeping habit.

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We have provided the link below to download and try this app.

Download from here

2. Do I Snore or Grind:

Do I Snore or Grind

Do I snore or grind is an app which keeps track of snoring and grinding of teeth during sleep? This app even gives recommendations for reducing snoring during sleep, and even if you are a teeth grinder then this app will surely give some good advice to reduce it.

We cannot confirm that this app will stop your snoring and teeth grinding, but you can surely try this app.

The free version of the app you can only record 5-nighttrackings and Pro version of the app will remove this limitation. We have provided the link below to download this app.

Download from here

3. Google Fit:

google fit

This app is the most all-rounder app available in the market. This app not only tracks your sleep but it can also track your other health-related activities as well. This app even supports most of the fitness bands including Android wear.

This needs to input a few information related to your daily activities which in turn calculates the result of the various activities. This app is available in the Google Play Store, we have provided the download link below.

Download from here

4. Sleep Better with Runtastic:

Sleep Better with Runtastic

Sleep better with Runtastic is an awesome sleep tracking app which also a switching app to the Runtastic app.

The app has a sleep monitor, alcohol intake meter and sleep timer, these features calculate your sleep and alcohol consumption for better results.

You need to have your device in your bed for accurate results. This app is available in the Google Play Store, we have provided the download link below.

Download from here

5. Sleep as Android:

Sleep as Android

This app is one of the oldest android sleep tracking app in the smartphone market. This app tracks sleep durations and schedules for you and also supports most of the fitness bands available in the market.

This app even has basic alarm clock feature and some lullaby type feature to help you sleep well. It lets you solve a captcha before you can turn your alarm off to make sure you are perfectly awake in the morning.

This app is available in the Google Play Store; we have provided the download link below.

6. Sleep Manager:

Sleep Manager

Sleep Manager tracks your sleeping habits like all other apps, but uses graphs to show the results. It also has a note writing ability to write down your daily dreams in it, which in return gives you some psychological advice. This app is free, but also has a pro version.

Sleep Manager also has a basic alarm clock functionality. All the features in this app are well integrated and give the most accurate results than any other apps on the list. This app is available in the Google Play Store; we have provided the download link below.

Download from here


With the help of these above-listed apps, schedule a daily sleeping routine for you. Good sleeping habit increases your digestion and relaxes your mind. The refreshed mind can work faster than the stressed mind and body.

If you are having any fitness tracking devices, then check which apps are supported to that fitness tracking device you already own or you are planning to buy.

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