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It’s fascinating how for almost everything today there’s an app and crosswords are no different. It’s not really a surprise but I still remember how I used to spend hours solving crosswords I’d find in my local newspapers.

Now, I can’t remember when was the last time I bought a crossword puzzle magazine or even used a pen as a matter of fact.

You can easily find crossword puzzles that provide much more variety than the previous ones – ranging from different topics to difficulty levels.

A true paradise for every crossword geek. As I previously said, I’m a vivid crossword solver and I know there are tons of different mobile games.

So I decided to dig a bit deeper and find the best ones. I started browsing Google Play and App Store, but to be honest, I got lost. So I took an alternative route with a list of top 10 crossword games I found on the net.

Best 10 Crossword Puzzle Games by AppGrooves

If you’re on the hunt for a great crossword puzzle, I made the job even easier for you by reviewing a couple I think are the best.

Crossword Puzzle Free – Everything a Crossword Fan Needs (almost)

I’ve been playing this one for a long time and I wasn’t really surprised when I found it in the top 10 list. The main reason I like Crossword Puzzle is that you can play it offline – if you ask me, every crossword game should come with this feature. This means you can play it anywhere, even on an airplane. Plus, the UI is nice, simple and has a modern look which makes the experience much more enjoyable. It basically has everything a game should have: you can adjust difficulty, design and best of all, you get a new pack of crosswords every week.

One thing I don’t like doesn’t have to do with the gaming directly. Since the crosswords are powered by the community, there are good and there are bad ones. Thus, when playing your next game, you can’t tell upfront if the crossword is good or not since the game lacks a rating system. I hope they add this in a future update, maybe even the option to rate authors as well. It would make the entire game much better.

Penny Dell Crosswords

Unlike with the first one, with Penny Dell you get free puzzles each day – one for easy, medium and hard difficulty.  The reason I like that is that unlike with the weekly system, you get something to do each day. I found this to be great if you’re the person who likes to solve crosswords in the morning while having breakfast. You also get a nice starting bundle of crosswords when you first enter the game so you have something to play. Finally, since the crosswords are made by professionals, you can be certain you won’t stumble upon a bad one.

There’s not much negative I can say about this one except it has ads. You can remove them and I think it’s worth your while. The design is good and crosswords are really great. It all depends on what you need. If you like the puzzles and plan to play for a longer time, I definitely think the paid version is worth your time.

One Clue Crossword – A Crossword With a Twist

We all know how crosswords work. So I thought I’d include one with a bit different approach I discovered. Instead of having the usual “fill the blanks” system, One Clue Crossword gives you a single image that’s directly connected to the words. I like this one because it provides great variety and the difficulty isn’t based just on the quantity, but also on how abstract is the connection between the image and words. It’s a bit different, but it sure forces you to put those creative muscles to good use. Sometimes it gets really hard, but luckily there are hints you can use. If there weren’t, the game would probably be too hard.

What I don’t like is the token system. It’s the usual system you find in most mobile games these days. You get a daily refill and if you want more, you need to pay. So, although I really dig the game, unlike with the first one, you’re basically limited by your wallet. Still, it’s a great alternative when you want something different.


Crosswords have been around for a long time and it’s only natural they moved to our mobile devices with the dawn of the digital era. It goes without saying this is great for all of us who enjoy solving puzzles and I hope you’ll like my personal top 3. Also, I hope you’ll find as much fun as I have. Enjoy playing!

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