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Social Media in 2018
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Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp and all related platforms for digital social engagement have been around for a long time. At least long enough to have had a major impact on all those that crossed paths with it.

Directly and indirectly, social media has affected everyone. Even if you’re not on any of them, everyone around you is. Therefore, it has now become an unshakeable reality that social media is now a part of our lives.

The sole connection we have with the world as we are rarely taking time off our screen and work. But social media is having some negative effects in our daily lives.

We share a few ways social media is impacting our lives negatively:

Paranoia in the Masses:

Recently, there was a lot of fuss over the topic of birth and the fears associated with the early stages of a child’s life. Myths and rumors led users to believe absurd perceptions of how the growth of a child is affected by absurd superficial things.

This caused a major panic since the population of pregnant mothers became paranoid and some resorted to drastic measures to deal with their situation.

Postpartum depression became harder to deal with due to constant feeds of how children can take away a life. The environment didn’t really help all that well.


Social Media has become a major source of depression and a huge addiction that apparently no one is acknowledging since its helping with business.

Psychological research revealed that people were more depressed and machine-like when exposed to social media compared to those who weren’t.

The news feeds become a social utopia that many people consider to be a competition of sorts to gain popularity and be the ‘hottest’ personality on the internet as if there can ever be one.

A lot of trends like the recent In My Feelings challenge have inspired people to do the most incredulous things like dancing next to a moving car.

As humorous as the topic seemed at first, the concern got serious when a lot of people died during the process. While jumping out of a moving car, getting stuck or blocked along the way caused troubles and resulted in disaster for the victims.

These challenges have been around for a long time now and have been motivating teenagers and adults to do the craziest things like pouring ice buckets on themselves and each other.

The Revolutionary Invention:

Social Media platforms have been updating themselves and becoming more and more accessible and easy to use. The interfaces have become much more compact and engaging.

YouTube videos can now be played on a mini-player, Facebook now offers to run almost every social part of your digital life, including texting and calling your friends.

These platforms have indeed been a great tool for all businesses and have been generating a lot of traffic and money for people using it to spread awareness of their business.

Fiverr, Freelancer.com, Upwork.com are some examples of running a business account as a freelancer to earn money online. But that would have been great had it just been for trying out apps and reading mSpy reviews online.

Threats to Life, Security, and Privacy

Security, Privacy and now even lives are directly at stake since the internet and the social media platforms are the only way to get to know a person.

These apps and sites take more than just your information and location, they also get access to all the private data you might have.

Even though it’s not being viewed by your neighbor, it is still being viewed and can be viewed whenever the site owner or the team wishes to look into it. This in itself causes a lot of paranoia in the minds of all the users aware of the fact.

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