10 Recommended Apps for your Home Office

Recommended Apps For The Home Office
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The Internet has opened a ton of possibilities for anyone who wants to remain productive from anywhere. Nowadays, folks no longer have to worry about rushing to the office and getting their work done.

With a computer and a reliable connection to the world wide web, anyone can perform their duties right in their very own home.

In fact, there are some who have managed to survive by embarking on work-at-home jobs. There are the traditional word processing, spreadsheet creation, and even photo imaging programs that are installed on a personal computer or laptop although there are plenty of other apps one can get from the Apple or Google Play Store, depending on the operating system of choice.

Below are some of the handy apps one can use for their home office.

1. Google Docs

These days, work can be done anywhere online. While computer owners know that having Microsoft Office software can help them produce the necessary documents, there are some people who may have not installed one for one reason or another.

The good news is that they can access popular apps like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel online. The beauty here is that while they can create documents or spreadsheets, they can also easily share them with others by copying the link.

It also accounts for better sharing and edits when necessary in cases where corrections are necessary.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

There are times when not all the files or programs are in the laptop or tablet one carries along. They may be left at the computer in the office or at home, meaning the best way is to find a program that can help you connect to it.

Chrome Remote Desktop should come in handy, allowing users to access their workstation from anywhere. It is completely free to use although things could be a bit laggy, depending on one’s Internet connection.

3. HelloSign

Important documents require the signature to make them official and carried out by subordinates. Ideally, this would require anyone to be present at the office or at least sign on them personally.

Technology has made it possible to digitally sign documents. HelloSign can aid with just a couple of clicks. All one has to do is draw their signature on the app and type their name. Users will be given templates to choose from, allowing them to select the best digital signature to be officially used.

4. FaxBurner

Sending documents and images remains a need. With most mobile devices now armed with a camera, transmitting them is made easier with this E-fax app.

Documents can be received and sent for free. Better yet, users even get a confirmation fax sent to their email to make sure that transmittal was made successfully together with the needed time stamps for reference. The app even gives users free fax numbers once they sign up at faxburner.com.

5. Pixlr

Photo editing has grown thanks to the advanced built-in cameras that mobile devices come armed with. While there is normally a default photo editor, Pixlr could come in handy for the ones particular about editing certain images.

It offers a suite of photo editing apps that can be done via the web or mobile devices, a tool that can help bring out the creative nature of folks who want to show off images in the best quality possible.

6. LucidChart

There are folks who would need to create organizational charts or flowcharts to help explain their work.

Lucidchart makes life easier, offering a comprehensive library of templates and graphics needed to aid presentations. All one has to do is drag and drop objects onto the main screen and connect them using with arrows.

7. Screencastify

Explaining something through video has become a medium for people who want to guide people hands on. The best way is to actually perform the task and record it.

Having an external camera could help although quality could compromise people from understanding it. Screencastify is an ideal solution, an app that can record a video of one’s desktop or any individual app. It also allows one to add audio as voice-overs to better guide people who would view it.

8. Todoist

Depending on how busy a person is, it is a given that having an organizer or planner would help. There are plenty of apps to help anyone out and Todoist is one of them.

It keeps track of a user’s task and comes with alerts to make sure that folks don’t miss out on important events or meetings.

9. Rescue Time

Related to Todoist is this app that also keeps track of one’s activities. To make sure that one remains on schedule, the Rescue Time app logs the time spent on each event and also tells the person how productive he has been overall for that day.

This helps make a person efficient, fulfilling his commitments and maximizing what he can do daily.

10. Trello

Folks who want to oversee a group and make sure that everyone is working will find Trello handy. It works like a virtual bulletin board along with cards that hold and list down ideas and work to be done.

This way, superiors can keep track of milestones and pending work, making sure that all duties are addressed and preventing backlogs.

There are tons of useful productivity apps to consider. All one has to do is head on over either to the Apple or Google App store and select one. There are free apps available with the option of upgrading them for a fee to get more features.

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