Should your Portable Monitor have Built-In Speakers?

Portable Monitor
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An obvious fact is that portable monitors are more popular than ever before and they are getting more affordable as we speak. At the same time, they are becoming better and more sophisticated.

All of this means that built-in speakers are present in more models available on the market. Our question is do you need them? The answer is yes and here’s why.

They are Built-in Obviously

The first advantage or reason to get a portable monitor with speakers is the portability. These models are made to be slim and lightweight, so they are easy to transport and move around. If you don’t have built-in speakers, it means that you will have to carry external speakers as a part of your luggage.

The best portable monitor will have new generation speakers inside meaning that they are slim, lightweight and they offer great sound quality. Speakers you will carry are probably cheap and too small and they use older technology. All combined, you won’t get a satisfactory sound quality as from built-in speakers.

In addition, these speakers also make the entire upgrade more effective. There is no need to carry more luggage and you will be able to enjoy more while carrying less. As simple as that.

Sound Quality is Impressive

We did mention this advantage, but we didn’t explain it. The bottom line is that portable monitors with built-in speakers are capable of providing superior sound quality.  This is possible thanks to more advanced technology which is different than the one used in classic speakers. It is actually borrowed from smartphones.

New smartphones have powerful speakers inside them and they are getting better and better. The same direction we can see in portable monitors that come with built-in speakers.

The main advantages include a better bass, more powerful high tones and more accurate low tones. If you have an opportunity to test an old and new smartphone and you will see the difference.

Portable Monitor

They are actually a cost-effective investment

Around 70% of users who purchase portable monitors without speakers will get additional, external speakers. This will increase the cost of the entire upgrade by 20-30%.

If you are on a tight budget, it is a much smarter idea to upgrade for a portable monitor with built-in speakers. If not, you will have to get additional speakers and you will pay more than in the first case scenario.

It may look like a more expensive investment, but it is actually something that can save you money. If we add that high-end speaker you will need cost almost as much as the entire portable monitor you can get a clear picture of the cost-saving investment.


The bottom line is that a portable monitor with built-in speakers is a much better choice. It is still lightweight and compact, but it provides sound wherever you want. In long-term, it is a smart and cost-effective investment. Let’s just add that in the future, these speakers will be so powerful that you won’t need an additional set of speakers.

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