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Sage One Accounting Software

Sage One Accounting Software Review 2020

Picking the best accounting software for your small business is a very important decision to make. You will want to choose one that is highly usable, flexible enough that it fits your need, adaptable to your industry and giving you the best value for money like Sage One (now...
Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro Specs and Price

Entering the category of premium smartphones to look out for is the latest flagship from Huawei. The new Huawei P20 Pro is a beauty at first sight with a top notch camera. Talking about notches, there is one at the top of the smartphone which reminds you of the...
The Best Payroll Software for Small Business in Nigeria 2018

Best Payroll Software for Small Business 2019

No matter how small your business is, you must have one or two people that you pay at the end of every month – or how else your payment structure is setup. It is these people that we say are on your payroll and as a businessman, you will want...
Huawei P20

Huawei P20 Specs and Price

Huawei just recently joined the league of notch smartphones with the release of Huawei P20 and P20 Pro smartphones. The Huawei P20 being the obvious cheaper variant with more comparatively modest specs. The smartphone features a nice hardware and an impressive design to go along with it. The new...
Smart Contract

What is a Smart Contract?

Blockchains, the technology which sits underneath cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are decentralized ledgers, held by a trustworthy source which tracks who owns what. Long after the Bitcoin hype has died down and the currency has settled at ‘normal’ levels, Blockchains are likely to remain and could underpin much of the...

Best Billing and Invoicing Software for Small Business 2019

Business is great. The money that even comes with such businesses is better. Where a headache might start coming in is at the point where you need to start tracking your money and what happens to it. On that subject, we have already looked at the best accounting software for...
Virtual Fax Numbers

Top 5 Reasons your Business should use Virtual Fax Numbers

Technological developments are so rapid that it can become very tough to keep up with them. Each day we witness new technologies offering better value and increased efficiency. However, there are certain technologies that may sound outdated but boast a lot of value. One certain technology is a fax...
Why Small Businesses Should Shift to Managed IT Services Immediately

Why Small Businesses should Shift to Managed IT Services Immediately

In the hyper developing, fast-paced business world of today, staying up-to-date is the ultimate challenge, when it comes to using the latest business technology. If you run a small or medium-sized enterprise, your IT department might feel like lagging behind when it comes to the latest tech, because most probably...
Best Nigerian Newspaper

Best Nigerian Newspaper Apps for Latest News Headlines Today

Are you in based in Nigeria and would love to be kept abreast of the latest news headlines today in the country, or you’re a Nigerian in the diaspora who wants to be in the know of latest happenings in Nigeria? Search no further as we give you the...
7 Tips for Choosing the Best Accounting Software for Business

Choosing the Best Accounting Software for Business (7 Tips)

In an earlier post, we started with a list of some of the best accounting software for small business. If you had seen that list, you will agree that there is no accounting software on that list that is not worthy of using. That is where the confusion sets...